I most certainly see the idea of faith, faith itself, and religion as a threat to mankind. It always has and always hill hinder social progress, scientific progress, and the development of any type of peace that may be brewing anywhere on this great and hateful earth.

Call me "militant" or not tolerant but I don't believe religion and faith have a place in a world where there is actual peace and progress.

I do not respect religion or religious beliefs...you wouldn't respect a belief that said it was OK to kill people for not believing something, would you?

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I hope we do identify what it is we have been doing right, very soon. :)

Awesome reply!
I really like your viewpoint here. I intend to 'eliminate' it by challenging it with logic and reason.

I never want to risk free though, speech, nor conscience therefore I'll show a brighter light to those who think they have already seen 'the light.' :)
We now have the knowledge to understand and no longer need fantasies to sustain us through life. The problem though is that belief systems are the basis of our languages and cultures. Until we can reconstruct our languages and cultures, belief systems will rule our thoughts and behavior. Unfortunately, it starts with the children and so far the U.S. doesn't have any Constitutional protection for reality based education. We are on a collision course with reality. At a particular point in the future, if we don't wake up, reality will kick our collective asses and religion will have it's self prophetized catastrophic event(s).
Getting reality out has to be done directly, not via the government, or else it just doesn't happen.
That really depends on the role of gov't. Currently, the role is to govern. Without government protection, education can be controlled by various groups in various locations around the country. Not only is this unrealistic, but it fragments the goals for education. However, I understand the resistance of anarchists to having gov't govern. I just think that it is insane.
Reality based education....how about mandating reality based education instead of belief based education. Now, that is a novel idea!
I like the way you put that idea there.

I believe science will be the ultimate "savior" of the human race. Once we learn that we should be researching and discovering new things no matter what field it may be, then we will be free from the bars of religions and faith.

http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ is an excellent place for this idea and I'm sure many would find these ideas very impressive and agreeable


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