when a group of people say "let's pray" or even maybe at a family function over the holidays for example, or at a funeral. When a group is silent in prayer do you acted it out?? honestly for myself, it happened over the holidays. And what did I do? I checked Espn on my phone to get the latest college bowl scores! What do you do??

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I remain silent, but make no pretence to praying. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of my family is atheists (I corrupted them all).

this is what i do too.  not much opportunity for me either, due to almost no existing family.

I do not act like I am praying. I keep my eyes open and my head up and I usually glance around the room bored.
I do that too.. An when I look at someone else who isn't praying I think "ahh there a non-believer too" :)

I"ve done that too.


I'm waiting for someone to say it's "disrespectful" to not be silent or to look at your I-phone while people are praying!! What would your response be?

"And, I think it is plain silly to pray to something that isn't there."

I volunteer at a local soup kitchen, working along side many from local religious organizations, and they always have a prayer before we serve.  I just stir the soup.


At family/work functions (why are we having prayer at work?) I just look straight ahead and keep as quiet as possible.

Good Q about why are they having prayer at work.  I think that's a path to discrimination and potential harassment.

Checked ESPN on your phone? While prayer time is usually a silent moment, I don't think that would prevent my wife from throwing a lamp at me if I pulled that stunt. I took a newspaper in with me once while accompanying my wife to mass and still haven't heard the last of it.

I sit/stand quietly with my hands folded, eyes open as a show of respect for the beliefs of those around me. I may not believe as they do but I have no intention of being obnoxious about it. I live with these people and if I want respect for my beliefs I suppose I had better have respect for theirs.

If I knew there would be a prayer at work or some other event I'd try to figure out how to be busy elsewhere.

Ha!  I'm sure my wife would do the same.  I agree in showing respect for the beliefs of loved ones, just as long as they don't give me any grief about not joining in.


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