If I debate with theists, I tend to use "your god" or "the god of christianity". This way, I can avoid making them think that I acknowledge that their god "is THE God", but that I am just denying it. I de-throne their god and toss it into a clusterf*ck of other mythological beings.
I notice sometimes that other atheist debaters capitalize the word god, and I feel that the theists believe that this only confirms their gods' status. If we confirm their gods' status, then we are just rebels. How do you use the word "god"?

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My bad online grammar finds me switching between "god" and "God."

I usually tend to use the word loosely to describe any deity.
Should only use capitals when it starts a sentence. Same with islam. You only capitalise words that deserve respect.
I follow the standard usage: a god, the god of Christians, God as a character. In the latter case, I capitalize it for the same reason I write Santa Claus and Bozo instead of santa claus and bozo.
inconsistently but little 'g' god usually. Pisses 'em off something fierce.
I don't capitalize it, and I say "your god" as well. When asked if I believe in god, I say "I don't believe in any gods."
I use the term "creator-god being" to dissociate the mythological concept from being a purely xtian one.
I suggest that, while it may feel good to make their most cherished idea look like a curse word, theists will see only that you are mocking them and whatever you have to say will be ignored, at best. There is certainly a time to mock things but, in my opinion, bastardizing words in common usage just makes you look petty and immature.
I'm pissed that my spell checker keeps challenging my uncapitalized use of the word 'christian' (fer chrissake, can anybody tell me how I can convince this damned thing that it has me confused with someone who gives-a-shit?).
"Me and 90% of Atheist's, if I shared my personal life story behind my loathing of xtianity you'd probably have replied in a different manner"

I really doubt your experience has been worse than my own, but my suggestion is not dependent on the behavior of theists. I personally don't care how you refer to the Christian god or any other. However, it seems like common sense to me that if you wish to engage in civil discussion with a theist then using the vitriolic descriptions above are not likely to help you make your point. I wasn't suggesting that you not be angry, or that you should desire to make a point. Take it how you wish.
Yeah... whether we want to sound respectful or not is another subject...
I prefer specifying "the Christian god" when appropriate. Theists have tunnel vision and pointing out that their god is only one of many instantly weakens whatever position they have.
I generally write either "god/gods" or "god(s)."




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