If I debate with theists, I tend to use "your god" or "the god of christianity". This way, I can avoid making them think that I acknowledge that their god "is THE God", but that I am just denying it. I de-throne their god and toss it into a clusterf*ck of other mythological beings.
I notice sometimes that other atheist debaters capitalize the word god, and I feel that the theists believe that this only confirms their gods' status. If we confirm their gods' status, then we are just rebels. How do you use the word "god"?

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Never capitalize the word god. It is an affirmation many atheist tend to make because of their attempted indoctrination as children would be my guess. I have heard others say it is out of respect for others beliefs but how degrading to yourself. Recently I wrote an editorial to my local paper and had a HUGE response not to the content of the piece but to the fact I didn't capitalize god and addressed it as " the theory of a god". Topic was Florida's ban on gay adoption. Nevermind the thousands of kids that could go to good homes which was the body of the opinion and how children bear the weight of the cross and it's hatred. They were jumping up and down because I didn't use caps. Forget the social issue. I recommend the theory of a god be used whenever possible.
For me it really depends. When referring to "God" as the specific biblical character, I tend to capitalize it simply because I just see it as any other name, and names are capitalized. I do, however, tend to slip into the use of "god" even when referring to the character, nonetheless. But yeah, for all other intents and purposes, it's lower-case for me.

"He" or "him" or "his" is never capitalized when referring to God (or any other gods)...except, of course, at the beginning of a sentence.
I use god or a god
The notion of the word "God" is, according to the theist's own definition, really a "THOUGHT-MONITORING INVISIBLE ALIEN" ... as in my stamp; drives theists nuts (as if they aren't already for, ummmm, believing in thought-monitoring invisible aliens)...

In fact, I've started a blog on this ...


That reminds me... I have some dollar bills to play around with...
I consistently reject any undue capitalisation. Lower-case "g" ftw!
to me 'g'od is an idea and doesn't deserve recognition as a proper noun. Even though there is a majority that believe otherwise, I am not going to dignify it by recognizing god as anything more than an idea.
I think not capitalizing when talking about the character of God "to make a point" is really childish, quite frankly. It doesn't really get anything across. In fact, I'd wager it's just a way of zinging the theists under the guise of protesting the whole concept. I'm sure most of them just think you have poor grammar or are lazy typists. And to those who actually pick up on it, it just makes people look like a petty kid chuckling "I sure made dem theists mad wit my bad grammar! Look deys mad!" from behind the computer screen. Grow up and think about better and more effective ways of getting your point across...that is if you are actually trying to make a real point in the first place. If you just want to through pebbles, then please forgive me for this post. I actually thought you were trying to make a real difference in the battle against irrational thought.
I don't often use "god/God," I refer to "him" as "the magical wizard in the sky" or if I do use "god" I refer to "him" as "she."




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