If I debate with theists, I tend to use "your god" or "the god of christianity". This way, I can avoid making them think that I acknowledge that their god "is THE God", but that I am just denying it. I de-throne their god and toss it into a clusterf*ck of other mythological beings.
I notice sometimes that other atheist debaters capitalize the word god, and I feel that the theists believe that this only confirms their gods' status. If we confirm their gods' status, then we are just rebels. How do you use the word "god"?

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I write "the invisible magic man you believe in." Same thing.
I think it would really depend upon the purpose of the discussion with the theists. Are you trying to persuade them to consider the atheistic PoV? If so, that words like "Jeebus" and "Sky-Daddy" probably aren't the way to go. A lot of theists feel antagonized by our very existence as atheists, so as far as a persuasive argument goes, we already are starting from a negative stance. It would be counterproductive to add coal to that particular fire.

If, however, there is either no desire on the atheist's end to persuade, or if it is completely obvious that rational argument is falling on deaf ears, then...meh...go for it.

I tend to go for neutral clinical terms most of the time, but if someone has pissed me off to the point that I don't care if they think I'm an asshole, I have been known to use words like "your mythology."
I use the word "god" very rarely, unless I'm joking.
I'm with Jaume on this one, 'God' is a name, refering to a specific Deity, 'god' refers to a more generalised concept...
...the real question is why I wrote 'Deity' with a capital D... weird
Try using "the god of Abraham" instead of "the god of Christianity". Remind them in the fact that they believe in the exact same douche-bag god as Jews and Muslims do.
I would agree with you completely, except that I figure bigfoot is more of the individual, non-scientific name of a nonexistent animal. But if there can be only one, like Highlander, then I suppose Bigfoot is correct.

Also Firefox's spell check agrees with you.
“ 'I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal and I am not alone. For centuries we have waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and the fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.'

Good stuff. Good stuff. Nothing like "the fall of a head" to get MY attention! ha
I use the term "the supposed god". Thus it is a non-existent god which is merely, (by some people), supposed to exist. I use "God" in quotes as the name of the Abrahamic supposed god, and god to mean any old supposed god that one might like to consider.

When I describe my atheism, I say that: 'I hold no belief in a god, any god'.

This then would include my disbelief in "God".
I generally like god, gawd, or gawdalmightyhisself, depending on my mood, the mood of my writing, or the audience I am 'speaking' to - but always sincere in my civility.
I use gawds, gods, invisible sky fairy and dog.

In High school, we had to write a paper and when I used a small g, I got penalized for every occurrence so if it is being marked for grammar, it has to be God for proper English.

But 35 years later, no one is grading my writing so dog damn it, I'll will never capitalized it again!
Only slightly off-topic, but as Orange indicated earlier, "human flesh taste's like Pork . . . as a catholic what problem would they have . . ?"

Maybe we could use a new bus campaign, showing a parishiner taking the wafer on their tongue - while wearing a broad smile, and declairing "It really does taste like chicken!!"




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