Do you think christians would vote for an atheist presidentiable?

I asked this question to my Plurk friends several weeks ago. Most of them are Catholics, by the way, but most answered that it wouldn't really matter to them if the presidentiable is an atheist, as long as he is qualified to do the job and that he'll be a good leader. But I have my doubts. I believe most of my countrymen think that with a belief in a god comes morality and that if you don't have a god, then you're amoral. What do you think?

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I don't think so, not yet. One more generation away maybe. I don't know where I saw them but there are polls that show that atheists are the last kinds of people most Americans would vote for.
Not president, the only national elective office, because the South still carries a lot of electoral clout. But there is one atheist Congressman, Pete Stark, a Democrat from the South Bay. Not many people in the SF Bay Area would really care about it. I think that it is time that atheists start running for elective offices, in the East Coast, California and parts of the North Central. There are places where we could win some races.
I'd love to see atheists run for office and as President, hell yeah! The biggest problem I see here though, is one of funding. People may give lip service to "of course I'd vote for an atheist" but when it comes right down to it, will they financially support an atheist's campaign?

I don't recall the exact amount spent on this past presidential race but I know the millions it cost both sides to run was grotesque. And unfortunately, I don't foresee mega donations coming in for an atheist candidate. Sickening as it is, I think, it is a numbers game ultimately.
No one would consider an atheist run for president for a minute. It would be suicide in huge sections of the country, mostly in the South. But in a lot of the country, I think that atheists could run openly and successfully.

I read an article about a month ago in one of the national atheist magazines by Eddie Tabasch, who also thinks it is time to run atheist candidates. He points out that a breakthrough for gays was when they started voting for gays over mainstream liberals who only paid them lip service. We have to decide to vote for atheists, and turn our back to liberals.
GuanoLoca: I'd love to see atheists run for office and as President, hell yeah!

Yeah, then you could finally catch up with the rest of the civilised world. Atheist presidents / prime ministers are old hat outside your borders.
Too true, Felch. And I blame England for this sad state of affairs...If they hadn't shipped all their freaking Puritans over here we'd be so godless it would shock the world.

In fact, they owe us. (Notice how I spun that and placed another country in our debt...true American hubris)

I think xtians would have trouble hearing anything an atheist candidate would have to say. They'd hear it through a filter, and their warped mind would always be against the atheist, even if that meant that they had to abandon or change some of their own positions. Once, on our local radio show, the host put forth certain issues, and asked the callers to respond. Then, the host asked the audience "what if a candidate who had similar stances on the issues, was an atheist? The calls started coming in, and no one would support an atheist, and some callers got downright angry at the notion. amazing.
There are many people who believe that Obama is actually an atheist, but would not be open about that for the obvious reasons.
Guanoloca, what you describe sounds like an Atheist bradley effect. I think, considering the current public opinion of us, we might need to wait a generation before we have a viable candidate. It is inevitable, of course, but it will take time. I compare this to the Obama campaign for blacks. It took the US about 50 years to elect a black president, from the time of the civil rights movement. So in the next few decades, if we keep up our efforts, I can definitely see an Atheist in the white house.
Yeah, I think you're right. If an election were held right now with an atheist candidate we would probably see a Bradley effect. Some would flat out lie to pollsters so as not to appear discriminatory while others may actually think of themselves as open-minded yet as soon as they pulled that curtain, would find their fear and ignorance voting. (This is assuming, of course, that the atheist candidate is the best one running).

If we're talking about a few decades from now...who knows, chances may be good if, like you said, we keep up our efforts this country just might break free from the strangle hold religion has on it.

But it's going to take two major things happening; 1) The ranks of the open-minded and non-believers are going to have to increase and organize 2) Money. Atheists will have to financially support their candidates and as George said above, vote for them.
Of course we cannot win the presidency with an outspoken atheist candidate any more than with a homosexual candidate. In half of the country, an atheist would lose any political race. But we can compete successfully in local elections on the Pacific Coast, the Northeast and the Northern Midwest. That is where we should be concentrating our attentions.

There will be no point for an atheist in participating in a national campaign until wins in local campains are commonplace. In the present political conditions, our national work is against government, through lobbying by SCA and contesting Establishment Clause violations in court. But the work of building a presence inside government must be fought locally.

The plan you stated sounds realistic. My question is this; for those of us who don't live in those areas, how will we get the information we need on the candidates running? Especially, those running in smaller races. Is there any publication that addresses this specifically?

Because I, like many people who are not one issue voters, would need the candidates full platform as well as their opponents before I would donate to their cause.

But I do think that yours is a workable solution in getting atheists into office and in slowly desensitizing the electorate to non-religious public servants.




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