Do you think christians would vote for an atheist presidentiable?

I asked this question to my Plurk friends several weeks ago. Most of them are Catholics, by the way, but most answered that it wouldn't really matter to them if the presidentiable is an atheist, as long as he is qualified to do the job and that he'll be a good leader. But I have my doubts. I believe most of my countrymen think that with a belief in a god comes morality and that if you don't have a god, then you're amoral. What do you think?

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I don’t know, specifically. But if anyone would have her finger on the pulse of atheist politicking in the US it would be Lori Lipman Brown, the Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for America. She travels around the country a lot, and is in contact with most of the atheist groups.

Secular Coalition for America
P.O. Box 53330
Washington, D.C. 20009-9330
TEL. (202) 299-1091
SCA looks like a excellent resource and their advisory board is pretty impressive as well. I will keep my eye on this site and organization. Thank You.




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