I think that religion didn't cause anything good but only start wars, create gilt , hold science back , repressing women's rights, repress sexual subjects , promotes violence racism sectrianism backwardness discrimination ignorance , violates human rights , opression of homosexuals , bigotry , hatred , extremism , terrorism . But sometimes it helps people cope with their problems. I want to hear your opinions and arguments. Plus excuse my English since it's a second language. 

PS : I meant abolish not by forcing but using logic and reason.

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Have you noticed how many people around the world from ancient times onward, base celebrations  on cycles of sun, moon, stars and the universe? Ancients calculated the shortest day (Winter Solstice), equal day and night (Spring Equinox), longest day (Summer Solstice), equal day and night (Autumn Equinox). 

This Orthoceras is a fossil of the Silurian Geologic Period, 440-395 million years ago with an ancient carving escavated in Morocco. It depicted the seasons of the year. The Druids had seasons drawn out this way, Egyptians, American Natives, Asian cultures and astrology (which is not science), and science. With just a little research you can find evidence of this pattern everywhere. Just for fun, Google "Wheel of the Year". Wheel of the year  

My garden is based on this pattern:

"...religion had a role in "civilizing" ancient humanity into cultures and societies...."

An idea worth investigating.

Napoleon and countless others are right in pointing out religion's use for control.

Complication in anything, even in the rules of a human language, can be put to that use.

English, for instance. Study Latin and you will understand better the many rules for verb use.

Unpersuaded? Join a deliberative body and compete with an expert in parliamentary law.

Absolute control is absolutely delightful. Too bad it doesn't exist.

Religion is going to run its natural, inevitable course to its end (except for a few holdouts in bomb shelters.)  Just wish I could be around to see it.  Wonder how long it will take.

Lillie - What makes you think religion will run its course ? Where is there any evidence of that ? How do we know what the course of nature is ? When I look at the broader world - I see the quite the opposite. A well organized religion is currently intent on taking over the world, and has been quite successful in recent years. Sorry, I am obviously not as optimistic as you are :(

Lillie, I think this is true! We have seen revival periods in our history. 

First Great Awakening, 1720s;

Second Great Awakening, late 1700s; 

Third Great Awakening, 1850-1910;

Fourth Great Awakening, mid 1960-mid 1970;

Great Awakening


Interesting those are called awakenings.  We need a better term.  The great delusioning?   

Perfect, Sentient. Deny reality and delude oneself in order to allow outrageous acts committed by our citizens and government. 

I would like to see religion go, but actively trying to destroy it will just strenghten thier faith. 

What wee can try (and I would like to see done, let me know if you know how) is taking away the free pass religion gets. They should not be allowed to call creationism science, protect thier pedophiles, take huge amounts of money from thier followers tax free, not "be offended" regardless of what they do, etc.

Also, faith sould not be a virtue.

DarkBlack, faith is not a virtue! If we can get over that myth we come a long way. Indeed, 

1. Take away free pass, including deductions for property and tax income. 

2. Name creationism as a fiction, not a fact and secure it with law. 

3. Hold religious popes, priests, pastors, participants accountable to all laws, including protecting children from pedophiles. 

4. Maintain the right and responsibility to speak truth without placating or acquiescing to those who feel "offended". 

5. Prevent those dreadful, uninvited door ringers from intruding on property or time. 

6. Make it possible to block unrequested religious material from coming into my email box. 

Great idea, DarkBlack! I support you. 

I think religion should not be abolished, but should be given the same status as the local football club.

They should be subject to the same laws as everyone else; so no tax breaks, no violation of human rights, no legal exceptions for religious reasons; and if your religious practices cause difficulties (e.g. your dietary requirements are not catered for in your workplace) then you choose to either cope with the difficulty or stop the activity.

If people want to do an activity that is legal, self funded and doesn't impact non participants then I see no reason why they shouldn't, even if I think their activity is disgusting or immoral.

Most casual religion is fine. People just use it as a mental aid for coping with life and it can be a good source of friends and social events. It's when you get devoted religious people or religion gains power that you find ignorance and oppression start to occur.

Pity has no place in this conversation, for me. If an individual thinks and acts based on religious dogma, there is no reason to pity them. I reserve pity for the quadriplegic who is locked into his/her mind through disease or disaster, and is physically unable to escape the environment. 

Charity is a term and attitude and action that has it's ugly side. Have you experienced the person doing charity and tells everybody how many bowls of soup they poured that day, or how many blankets they gave away, or how many miles they traveled to deliver medicine to hungry, homeless, sick, displaced people.

Why don't they spend at least part of that time, energy and money getting at the root cause of hunger, homelessness, sickness and displacement? It is not an impossible thing to do, I have done it many times in my life, not enough to change a huge system, but enough to develop community resources and challenge dominators and get changes done. 

Hunger and all those other factors are not accidents only; many are created by faulty politics, economics and religious entanglement. 




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