I think that religion didn't cause anything good but only start wars, create gilt , hold science back , repressing women's rights, repress sexual subjects , promotes violence racism sectrianism backwardness discrimination ignorance , violates human rights , opression of homosexuals , bigotry , hatred , extremism , terrorism . But sometimes it helps people cope with their problems. I want to hear your opinions and arguments. Plus excuse my English since it's a second language. 

PS : I meant abolish not by forcing but using logic and reason.

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Joan, have you considered that, if we rely on persuasion rather than force to procure the necessary resources, doing the kind of charity you describe (and accepting that people seek recognition for what they do) is as close as we will get to root causes?

I'm less idealistic. Getting to root causes will require more than anything we humans have done to date. It will include adapting our behavior to accommodate at least these:

1. a sufficiently democratic socialism will not soon replace capitalism,

2 a Darwinian struggle for survival will trump all that we know how to do, and

3. our existence in environments (earth, solar system, etc) that don't provide for us.

Discussing those leaves no time for recognizing that descent with modification produces offspring who, if they survive, will struggle with disabilities too numerous to identify and too costly to treat.

We will not soon have the knowledge, the wealth, and the will to deal with root causes.

Hm-m-m, why do these words come to mind: "pour the beer, sing Dream the Impossible Dream and rest well for the day to come."

Agree with what you say Lucas.

No tax breaks!!

Lucas, I agree!

Agreed, and I would like to be able to state clearly, concretely and precisely that I think capitalism is a failure, religion is a fiction, and economics designed o drain working people of their rightful share of profits is a crime. 

Joan - I agree that capitalism has some major issues, including Board of Directors that are not responsive to shareholders, focus on short term profits vs. long term profits, excessive bonuses going to management that is not tied to improved performance, etc., etc.  

Government is also a part of the problem - corruption, lack of transparency. The corruption at Fannie and Freddie contributed to the housing bubble/financial crash, but we still don't know the full story. Government regulators also seem to be behind the curve and are solving yesterday's problems vs. uncovering future problems (financial derivatives, etc). FEMA/State and Local Governments was to be restructured after Katrina to the standard of handling two nuclear events in two different cities, at the same time. We are not ready to handle one large disaster, let alone two.  

I don't have the answers, just musing. Has any economic system worked on a large scale for any length of time ? The Euro Zone does not have seem to have the answers as we are seeing. The Soviet system was a disaster. It is too early to judge the hybrid system in China. There has been some successes in smaller countries with smaller populations, plus uniform values and culture (Sweden comes to mind). I just fiqured from your reply above, that you might have something in mind.  



Governments on 75% area of this world have no official religion. They have secular laws, not guided by any scripture or a god. This is as good as abolishing religion. Influence of religion, in my opinion, is definitely on the decline on the earth and in not too distant future, say in about 200 years, religion and god will be forgotten. This is writing on the wall. Just be firm in your beliefs and be patient.

Madhukar, what wall are you reading? I don't see the words anywhere. If they exist, upon what evidence do they write it? 

I believe freedom and justice are earned, not given. I believe a human being has a right and responsibility to speak truth to power and not have their ears and noses cut off and their tongues not run through with a white hot iron nail. I believe individuals have a right to join with others and make their right to share in profits known. We have seen people rise up before and it brings death, maiming and destruction in its wake. There are ways to prevent such tragedies, but I believe people don't give up power willingly or fairly. They give as little as they can get away with. 


ssssss... glitchy browser! case in point:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-20280223


Thanks for the link Guitarzeroh. 

plastic shit from china slave factories for traditional holidays from hell.. that clog our environments with shit that's a bs thing too biproduct from xyz blah blah puke! > : ) n' the garlic

Guitarzeroh, you have every right to express yourself any way that feels right for you. I, on the other-hand, find nothing useful in this comment. No information, no definitions of your terms, I don't even know what you mean by "traditional holidays". 

Of course religion should not be abolished! That would be as bad as religion being required. Some people find real comfort in their religious experience and why should they be denied that which they feel or want? Others feel no need for religion and have every right to not believe god or whatever name you want to use. As for myself, the notion of god is so tiny, so insignificant, so historically destructive, I don't want to even listen to other people talk about their understanding of god. I hear of a loving god and remember what the old testament said about him. I hear about jesus as lord and I think of the fables and foolishness of his story. Aside from boredom the only other reaction I have  is all silly. So, if you don't want to hear me laugh, take your palaver somewhere else. 




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