Do you think the United States will ever pass an amendment making atheism against the law?

Yes! I know, this may sound like a ridiculous idea on its surface but after having read many of the ‘big atheists’ as well as books like ‘assault on reason’, ‘idiot America’ and others, I began to wonder about it somewhat. Then last night I caught this story on MSNBC and seriously began to wonder.

Yes, I know, watching Rachel Maddow is much like listening to a chicken talk but the interview does make one wonder. I mean we are talking about Christian Conservatives and Evangelicals (CCE) and for some reason this presidential cycle the CCE seems to be crapping out some pretty scary presidential candidates. As if 8 years of Bush style politics caused any remaining republican ‘person of character’ (if such a thing exists) to suddenly vanish and be replaced by these religio-nutjobs like Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing about others as the months pass.

My biggest concern though is that the CCE have managed to create a larger pool of potential presidential candidates, these candidates each uphold to ideologies that, like their supporters, are far from rational and seem primarily based on fear, apathy and just plain ignorance. And just like Bush, I wouldn’t be surprised if shortly after winning election the elected nutjob doesn’t come on TV and ask the American public to “Imagine with me this new fear”, that of non-secularism.

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Have you seen how hard it is to get everyone to agree to save the US economy from certain disaster on Aug 2nd?  Creating any kind of 'anti-atheist' law wouldn't ever get past committee to vote on.


I'm starting to think herding congressman is like herding cats, and herding atheists is like herding cats, therefore congressman are atheists :)



Wait a minute Steve, so your saying that this country practices a form of “Smoke and Mirrors” Democracy? Parrish the thought. And here I thought we had the best political system in the entire free world.


Well, many of the conservative 'cats' in Congress have signed a 'no tax pledge' that they're holding to like some sort of sacred oath.  So many HAVE been successfully herded under the shepherd's hook of Grover Norquist.


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