Do you think "You" will ever know consciousness again?

I'm not sure how to explain this question but I'll give it a try.


<15 minutes go by...  I'm still trying to work this into words>


When we are conceived and then born as an infant, I assume most of you would agree that that newborn has a completely clean slate as far as identity.   And of dealing with this new burst of "awareness."   We, through our life experiences, become the unique individuals we are today.   We have a firm sense of "self."  


As atheists we know an afterlife does not exist.   We meet the same fate as any other organism on the planet.   We die.   Our bodies die.   Our brains; filled with a lifetime of experiences and memories, dies.   All that we were ceases to exist.   And "We" return to that void of non-existance from which we were temporarily plucked 70 or 80 years earlier for a bright yet brief ride


Here's the question...


Do you think "You" will ever know consciuosness again?  


Knowing that your consciousness will cease to exist upon your death, have any of you given thought to the possibility of some other organism, in some other galaxy, perhaps in some other universe and in some other time MIGHT develop a consciousness in which "You" will once again be aware?   I realize it wouldn't be "Us."   But just as we were thrust into this reality from seeming nothingness, would this occurance be possible again?   Perhaps an infinate amout of times?   Could "We" suddenly spark into another existence at some point spontaneously like we did withour life here?


In asking this question of all of you, my intent is to not to equate it with traditional views on reincarnation.   I'm looking at this from a purely scientific standpoint.   Nothing mystical involved.





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I'm 84 years old & expect to 'depart' in the not too distant future.I'm still enjoying life most days. On the occasional bad day, I look forward to my demise. I have no fear of death. Today is a good day to die.
Maybe. Only not really. Let me put it this way, I once read about this theory in physics that the Universe just repeats over and over again and that it is exactly the same each time. The movement of every atom, the action of every molecule and every decision ever made by a conscious mind repeats exactly, because it has to, due to the universe constantly expanding and collapsing in on itself over and over so it's like one giant repeating loop (And this is how you could move backwards in time by actually moving forward, it's weird and I forget where the heck I read all of this, but it was in college). If thats the case then we'll all exist again, but we won't know it.

Otherwise the only way I could see it happening is if some advanced future or alien technology was used to resurrect a consciousness. It doesn't seem possible to me now, but hey cell phones and cars probably seemed pretty impossible 300 years ago too...
Have you been watching those silly physics shows again like Michio Kaku? Darn physicists think they know it all with their quarks and cosmic strings and multiverses. Isn't the belief that an omnipotent being snapped his fingers just plain easier? No thought involved!

Really, though, very good post. I've heard both Stephen Hawking and Kaku speak of the possibility of what you wrote. So interesting I can barely stand it sometimes. LOL
I just finished a book on Artificial Intelligence and how the future might look, and one of the main themes of the book was the possibility of technology getting advanced enough so that people might be able to copy their awareness into a computer. Along with that technology, there might also be robots advanced enough to download the awareness into so that you could go anywhere and do anything as a robot. While I was still thinking about the book, I saw the Bruce Willis movie Surrogates, which is about a future where most people spend most of their lives lying in bed while they experience their lives through robots. I've also found a sci-fi book(which I just started) about a guy who stores his awareness on a computer, then creates some copies to get some things done. He violates the "Law" which requires that all copies have a "suicide switch" so they can delete themselves if they decide to. He makes a copy and disables the "suicide switch" on the machine the copy is stored on.
Anyway, the idea behind the book was that terminally ill people or people who want to be sure they continue "living" can store their awareness on a machine for safekeeping. Interesting idea.
Mark Twain commented on the topic of 'our continuity'. He said that he was not at all inconvenienced by the fact that all those millions of years passed without his participating in them.By implication, all those years subsequent to his departure would not bother him either.At 84, & in failing health, I feel as he did. The world is just damn well going to have to get along without me - as best it can. :-)
Although I don't even pretend to be in the same intellectual and creative league as Twain, I would agree wholeheartedly with his feelings. 13.7 billion years passed before any of us showed up. I don't recall it being a problem. Nor will it be once we depart.
Unfortunately, no. That's to say the consciousness is something separate from our physical body or that its a "thing" at all. I'd love it if it was some kind of entity that floated away and attached itself somewhere else because that would mean I wouldn't die, and I'd have a chance of existing in a really cool version of star trek.
Ah... Trek. Would be very cool indeed. As long as we refused to wear a
RED uniform shirt. Because you know what that means. :o)

Something around 2200 would be nice. Hopefully by then religions of any sort would be a distant and somewhat embarrassing memory. And possibly, just possiby, the U.S. might finally give in and adopt universal health care.

As Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy stated during the early 23rd century... "According to myth, the Earth was created in six days."
"Do you think 'You' will ever know consciousness again?"

Oh hell, I haven't experienced consciousness since before I started a corporate job back in '91. They laid me off 20 months ago and I'm still recovering. Give me a few more months and maybe, but I'm not holding my breath.
I think in terms of a possible after life that the most likely and logical conclusion would be reincarnation.




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