I am leaning towards cremation because I don't even like visiting cemeteries (not because I fear death, I just have no interest in seeing a loved one's grave). Plus, what laws will be changed in a few hundred years when we are running out of room on this earth. Will I be dug up and thrown into a pile?  I really need to get my act together and get going on my will. 


What are your plans for your deceased body?


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Check out the site below...Eternal Reefs.  I heard about it a few years ago and it sounds like a useful, meaningful, and eco-friendly way to have a funeral service: 



Small world!   I wonder if we'd be allowed to make reefs in Lake Michigan....or is this just an 'ocean' thing? Ha ... We'd just get barnacles and zebra mussels attached to us.  Those invasive species.  None of those pretty tropical species like the glossy brochures show.
Donate it to science...I think it would make me feel a little bit warmer/fuzzier inside knowing that I'm helping somebody even after I'm dead.

I want to be frozen; I'm not going down without a fight. Failing that, I plan on having my ashes spread over the haunted house at Disney World.

My cadaver will go to the local med school for dissection.  I understand the parts will be cremated eventually.  I'd rather be composted.
I don't really care, but I do want some kind of marker. This is the only afterlife I get, so I'd like a way for people who never met me to at least know I existed. Maybe it's the genealogist in me talking.
With my fascination with volcanoes I'll probably end up naturally cremated someday!

That reminds me of part of a song lyric:


And I heard of that Japanese girl
Who jumped into the volcano
Was she trying to make it back?
Back into the womb of the world?

("Volcano" by Beck...great song if you've never heard it)





My marker is to read:  "It's Better Than Being Born Again"
I want to be frozen in a special ice that perserves the intergity of my body i.e. cyrogenics... it would be awesome to be thawed one day in the distant future kind of like Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop :P
Earth, air, fire or water? I'll take fire.
like holden caulfield, i hope they just dump me in a river.




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