I am leaning towards cremation because I don't even like visiting cemeteries (not because I fear death, I just have no interest in seeing a loved one's grave). Plus, what laws will be changed in a few hundred years when we are running out of room on this earth. Will I be dug up and thrown into a pile?  I really need to get my act together and get going on my will. 


What are your plans for your deceased body?


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like holden caulfield, i hope they just dump me in a river.

I don't think being 'dumped' into a body of water is very considerate either!  Think of the people that would be forced to do something about your remains...through no choice of their own....and the shock of seeing that kind of decomposition would scar somebody for life.  


I still remember working in a tall office building in Milwaukee 15 years ago and a dead body was discovered floating in the river... a bunch of us happened to notice the commotion from the windows (rescue team in boat) from quite a few stories up and it had a physical effect on me to see the body floating...even at that distance up where I couldn't make out any details.  I'll carry that image with me for the rest of my life!

You know I only put two and two together recently and realised that my dad asked to be cremated and his ashes to be scattered on a river near where we live but my mum went against that, he was still cremated but his ashes were put in an urn and a stone in a graveyard.  I'm not sure how I feel about that!  I guess my mum wasn't ready to really say good bye and erected the stone but still my dad's wishes weren't carried out but does that really matter now he's gone?


Anyway, I'm currently not bothered about whether I'm cremated or buried, as posted below whatever is currently the best for the environment would really be best for me too I guess.

I agree...do what the person wanted.  If your loved ones are kind enough to give you some guidelines, carry out those wishes to the best of your abilities.  This is called 'honoring their last wishes' and it would be selfish to ignore those wishes and do what YOU want to do instead.




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