I am leaning towards cremation because I don't even like visiting cemeteries (not because I fear death, I just have no interest in seeing a loved one's grave). Plus, what laws will be changed in a few hundred years when we are running out of room on this earth. Will I be dug up and thrown into a pile?  I really need to get my act together and get going on my will. 


What are your plans for your deceased body?


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green burialsare a growing option.  no chemicals, no coffin, basically like composting.
Cremation.  Less space, less fuss.  Open caskets creep me out and I don't want to have my remains on display.  So the funeral service could have a rented, temporary casket but not one that goes underground and definitely not an open casket.
Don't me to rude here, but once I cash it in, it's no longer my problem. I really don't care if I'm cremated, buried, have a medical school cut my guts open to train future surgeons, or dump my lifeless carcass on a steaming landfill to let the buzzards pick at it. I'm dead. Find the cheapest way to get ride of the lifeless protoplasm. If anyone wants to remember me, buy a keg of beer, and sit around and tell lies about what a nice guy I was.
I bet you are just the sweetest, Pat!
Let the lies begin! I'll leave enough $$$ to spring for the first beer for you, Andrea. Thanks for the compliment.
Beer takes too long to get a buzz. I'll take a long island iced tea.
Good call AA. Pat will have to leave you a little more though.
Wow...I thought at first Scott was suggesting AA to AA....ha....

My will instructions are to donate my body to a medical school. If what's left has to be disposed of later, they're to do so in the cheapest way that's legal.

Cemeteries are so not-green, wasting space that could be used for crops or forest. If people need to bury bodies, it would be greenest to use toxic waste land or something else already useless for the ecosystem.

Ruth, be careful of the terms and conditions of donating your body to medical science. Many medical schools will accept the body, and after their done with their experiments, teaching, etc., they'll give the remains back to the family and tell them to pay for the burial, cremation, etc. They've taken the benefit of what they want, then stick the family with the bill for the ultimate disposal. Check it out, before you cash it in.
Cremated -- for the same reasons you give Atheist Andrea.  I haven't done a will either.
Is this your job? Fighting forest fires? I think many of us have a vision of our funeral and I must say, that is quite different and awesome at the same time. :)



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