I have a hard time working out alone. I don't have anyone to work out with, being that I'm a girl and most females around my neighborhood are mom's.
Too bad there are more girls in this group...

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I joined a gym with a friend which made it easy to feel comfortable and gave me time to get acquainted with my gym. However, she flaked out on me- But I don't care because I have fun and am on a mission! At first taking classes by myself (step, zumba, whatever) seemed daunting but everyone is so nice... And although I don't have someone to walk in the door with, I don't care because it is all really about me anyway:)
Yay a girl. I'm not very motivated on my own. I like to motivate people to work out...so alone I lose my own motivation. Also, I'm not very social. I took a hot yoga class for year and never really went beyond speaking to people in the locker room. I tried really hard to be friendly too. But I always feel like everyone else has their own agenda so I gave up thinking I could find someone to pal around with.
But I'm going to start w/ a personal trainer soon. That should be good.
I think I'm the only one I know irl that works out on a regular basis :P It's cool though, I just put an episode of "The Atheist Experience" on my mp3 player.
I train alone, but there are plenty of other guys in the powerlifting section of the gym to help out if I need a post or something. I don't feel that I need a partner for motivation, and I can surely train more quickly without a partner.

My brother used to be my partner, but we live too far apart now. And, he talks too much. haha
haha. ya i mean too bad there aren't more girls. Mostly girls do cardio & boys do weight training. Although I could care less about either method of exercising, I'd probably have more to talk about w/ girls since we genetically have similar issues...pear shaped weight gain, breasts decreasing in size w/ weight loss...
I never thought that I'd be able to meet anyone from A/N to work out with, but that would be neat. I wouldn't have to watch what I say or know they'd be unavailable during church times. I've never belonged to a gym or bothered to try to attend one. I don't seem to make friends easily despite attempting to be friendly. Everything I've ever done I've done alone, with the exception of making my little sister work out w/ me when she lived w/ me :)
I was sort of hoping to hear if ppl here had a partner/friend who motivated them or if their working out was internally movtivated. How about you? Do you train alone?
It sounds to me like you really enjoy yoga. I think you should look into teaching a class at your local gym. This way you would have motivation and people to work out with! They would probably approach you more to ask you questions, and it would help you feel more comfortable with people you don't know- Just an idea- I agree that it is hard to meet people!
I work out alone at home. I enjoy the privacy.
Where did you get your equipment? I would love to have my own stuff, and I plan on buying the basics in the next few years so I can train at home with my brothers.

Power rack, GHR, adjustable bench, bars and weights
I can't afford a power rack or GHR. I do RDL for hamstrings, glutes, lowerback. I suck at good mornings. I bought my weider 140 adjustable bench at Kmart. I bought my squat rack, barbell, dumbbell handles, and plates from local distributors of New York Barbells. http://www.newyorkbarbells.com/
Cool...check out EliteFts.com they have an economy line now. more affordable stuff. I'm not sure how it compares in price to NYBB though.
My floor is padded with peices of rug around my squat rack so I'm good for now. I'll look on craigs list for a used power rack.
totally agree...no talking!




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