I am writing from Henlivision, an independent film production company located near Washington, D.C. We are currently in the early stages of filming a documentary titled Skipping Sunday School, on parenting without religion. (You can find out more at http://henlivision.com and http://www.indiegogo.com/SkippingSundaySchool)

We are looking to interview parents, atheist children, and adult children who grew up in non-theist homes. We will be travelling around the country and are currently working on our production schedule, so it doesn't matter if you're close by - we'd still like to hear from you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Thank you!
Ashley Henley

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To be honest, we're open to everything! We're interested in parents with newborn babies up to adult children of atheist parents.
I am an atheist in Minneapolis - married with a 6 year-old daughter - I grew up in a non-theist home as well. Contact us if you come this way :)
Hey Ashley. I'm a brand new father, but have helped care for my girlfriend's son for about 3 years now. She's a theist (convertible...but, still a theist) and we've got a fairly large brick wall between us in regard to our new daughter. I'm very opposed to any theistic education and she's not. Her son even goes to Catholic school...so, it's a pretty complicated situation. I'd love to offer any insight I can if you guys swing through West Virginia.

Feel free to add/message me.

We are from Houston, but live in El Paso now. I've been told I was a satanist as well! Crazy...
Hi Ashley,
I'm in new jersey. I'm athiest, my husband is superstitious, and I'm trying to raise my 3 kids as critical thinkers. I'm happy to talk to you! We have family just outside DC and visit them often, if you want to meet in person.

I'm a crazy, home schooling, mini van driving mom of 2 (6 and 4) in Atlanta, GA. I grew up Southern Baptist and joined the Mormon church in college after I started dating the guy that I eventually married. My in-laws are very Mormon and we have not outed to them yet. My husband has been a non believer since very early in our marriage (14 years), but I didn't convert until about 2 years ago. My 6 yr. old has outed us to my 82 yr old grandmother, and she seems to have taken pretty well.

Let us know if you swing through ATL.
Hi - we are a family of four with children aged 9 and 5. My husband is active duty Navy and I am a stay at home mom. We are both atheists and skeptics. I grew up in a non-theist home with a short family stint as a Mormon, but currently by parents are both atheists as well. My husband grew up Catholic. We live in Minneapolis (for now!) and would enjoy being involved, as we are active with trying to show that normal families (especially military ones) can also be atheists. Regardless, great topic and good luck!
Hello Claire,

I was in the Navy Reserves, and came active duty Army (oh, I miss the Navy..). Both me and my husband are in and are both Atheist. I'm getting out in September to finish school and be with my daughters. Do you have any difficulty with neighbors, fellow Sailors, spouses, etc? We live on post and there is a weekly 'Backyard Bible Class'..I've tried to be polite, however, the wives here keep leaving these fliers on my door & car! I keep saying I'm going to attend since they know my beliefs, yet try so hard..more for comical relief I suppose! Good luck to you and your family!
I have 3 daughters from 21 months to 11 yrs! We would love to help out. I do teach the older ones the Bible, however, we talk about verses that the Sunday school teachers would prefer to avoid at all costs. This is only due to where we live and how much she hears about it from friends, school, teachers (yes, teachers..there's one for the 'mom hit the fan' book, but another story).

I grew up with a minister grandfather, Aunt's, Uncle's, cousin's, and religous parents. During my childhood I went to a private Baptist school. I have been an Atheist since childhood--I tried to believe and just couldn't pull myself into the misery.
we're central IL Atheists and this would be very interesting for us, if it could help please contact us when you're this way.
We have one 6 year old and we are trying to raise him to make his own decisions about religion. We have just been hit with scouting from a flyer at school and the pledge has been an on-going issue for him. Just knowing when I'm being too ridged or not strict enough is very hard. My husband and I, like all parents, don't always agree totally and some things are hard to explain. We have a couple in our free thinker's group that has grown children and grand-children that has been a great inspiration and source of help for how they raised their children without religion, but it can still be very difficult, especially when the schools allow religion to run so free with-in them.
Hello Ashley, I'm late to this call for interviews. I'm atheist and my wife is Mormon. We have three kids, ages 6, 3, and 1. My wife and I both share our views with our kids and hope to allow them to make up their own minds. I live in Ames, Iowa, if you'll be in the neighborhood. prozim@hotmail.com
My husband and I are both non-believers raising our daughter to be free-range and a critical thinker. We would be willing to share our story with you.




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