I am based in Uganda where there is too much belief in witchcraft and magics. One scenario in some remote primitive communities in Uganda do disturb my thinking that people can send spirits to other people,spirits robbing money from banks, spirits of some one buried coming back to disturb the living,. Could any one out there help in explaining whether the spiritual world do exist or it is a myth.

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It does not. The effect you describe is in the mind of the believer and in that respect it is hard or impossible to overcome.

For anything like "spirit," "soul," "god," or "devil," I insist on applying the Null Hypothesis: if it doesn't exhibit any objective sign of existence, then far more than likely, IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Plain and simple.

Everywhere you go there will be people who wish to believe in fairy tales. Even on this site I have heard people who claim to believe in ghost. When casper shakes my hand then I will believe in ghost and spirits. It is past time for the human race to raise above belief in fairy tales, vengeful gods and honest politicians.

You need to break it down in order to understand it. There is perception of reality and there is actual reality. Humans tend to equate the two, but human perception is extremely fallible. Our ability to correctly perceive actual reality is filtered by cultural and religious beliefs. What makes this even more confusing is that when a group of people have the same misperception of reality, the perception has a life of it's own in the form of group hysteria. Within the group, this creates a pseudo reality so that participants actually, through mass behavior, create phenomenons that closely resemble what they want to believe. We see this everywhere to some degree. Religious fanatics create these kind of phenomenons frequently.

Let's take the abortion issue. This abortion issue is created by religious fanaticism. They prevent proper sex education in the schools. They use a culture that is riddled with religious morals as a basis for their self righteousness. The fact of the matter is that if we had adequate sex education in the schools, abortion would not be an issue.

It is my viewpoint that many inappropriate behaviors could be eradicated if we could remove the self perpetuating morals beliefs fueling them. Such beliefs create various forms of individual and group shame promoting guilt that translates into inappropriate behavior.

I strayed a bit from the original question, but the point is that social groups create these pseudo realities. In time, the actual reality has a way of inserting itself, regardless of how large the group is that creates a pseudo reality. The major disasters in the world causes heavy human loss because of the inability of human perception to see the obvious dangers of nature. We are truly out of touch with reality. As the world population increases, adding stress to such phenomenon as global warming and the life and death needs of human survival, we are coming closer to extinction. If we eradicate beliefs, we as race will be much more equipped to perceive reality accurately. The first thing to go will have to be languages that are created by beliefs and not an accurate perception of reality. Such languages perpetuate irrational thinking.

Thanks for the elaboration. Now i get the facts
Thanks for the contribution brother

There is no evidence that such spiritual phenomena exist.  

If such things did exist, there would be a means of verifying them. Who determines that a spiritual event has happened, and how do they do it?  

An important part of dispelling myths would be to question their method.  If a person claims that a spirit did something, ask, why do they believe that?  Who told them what signs to look for, and why were they believed?

Someone might argue, "radio waves exist,we cannot see them, but we know they are there". However we have clear and consistent means of detecting radio waves.

It would be worthwhile exploring this, since many of these ideas can obviously be harmful.  

While there is no such thing as the spirit world, ghosts, witchcraft or magic, there are many millions of people who do believe in such things. I have become convinced that there is nothing that can be done for people with these delusions. A very few can rescue themselves from their childhood beliefs, but particularly in small isolated communities there is little likelihood of such rescues happening.
@ John Donaldson

Most people in industrialized countries, particularly Europe, no longer believe in spiritual matters, when they of course did in the past. I'm sure there are many methods of weaning groups of people off of these destructive beliefs, although it would take time and effort.
Well,Ugandans are very much exposed to indoctrinations and dogmatism every where,in churches,witchcraft palaces,many local musicians and artists release albums promoting belief in faiths and i know it will take long to fade away down here!!

I view it as one of those cultural things, where you eventually hit a certain level of inertia.  When a culture accepts spirits and witchcraft as fact, it invades everything in the country.

Like you mentioned spirits robbing banks.  Once you've entered this sort of thing into the legal system, it becomes a tool.  If someone robbed the bank physically, there would be physical evidence that you would have to look for.  If someone summoned up spirits to rob the bank ... well, spirits don't leave behind any evidence, do they?  So, it allows you to convict people with no evidence.

Certain kinds of people like being able to do this sort of thing, so they help perpetuate the superstition, even though there's no evidence.  The fact that there's no evidence is what makes it useful.




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