Does anyone beleive in the supernatural? (Other than god)

I'm all for skepticism and disbelief without proper evidence. However, there is a an area of science know as paranormal science. I don't believe in god, the afterlife, demons, etc.  but that doesn't mean i don't belief in other things, as some people have claimed. I believe in Extraterrestrials, and do not dismiss the possibility of ghosts or psychics, even some cryptids i don't deny the possibility of existence. These things actually have evidence supporting them, and evidence against. Granted a majority is first person experience and word of mouth, both terrible sources, but there is consistency with claims and research. Am i wrong to believe or be on the fence on paranormal topics? Some people have said yes, as an atheist it is my job to deny anything that is beyond the physical world, but I'm not sure i agree with that. So am i wrong for not denying these things until concrete evidence is found? are there any others that hold belief in a supernatural thing?

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Will do, will do.

A very sad story indeed, but interesting how the brain is bearing up to the emotional stress brought upon it by his sickness. As far as his folks go, sure its good that they are comforted by the thought that their son is emotionally at ease with his sickness. It is unfortunate that they believe what he is saying is the truth, that there really is a ghost holding his hand.

I think they still could find comfort within the more reasonable explanation, they could still see that their son is at ease within his delusions without partaking in them.

The truth can sooth just as well as manufactured explanations, it's not necessary to think that a ghost is holding his hand as long as they know that he is comforted by the thought, and with that, deriving comfort of their own.

Some people could argue that the sick young man should be told the truth, but I say, " To what end ". He will most likely die in the near future and is it truly necessary to debate this with him, using up his last few days struggling with the acceptance of " there is no ghost ". His parents, on the other hand, if they truly believe, are in direr need of some education.

Totally agree. This is not the time or place. Someone is dying, and support of the person is what matters in this. Listening, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a hug will speak more to them about your concern. They will remember this. Not a place for reason. I've always said people tend to act on an emotional level, that is mostly where we process the world. Just love them and support them. You will be rewarded.

Terms like belief and faith are loaded terms I try for terms like "I'm convinced"' "I think" or "The research supports"...etc

.If something thought to be paranormal is in fact shown to be real then it wasn't paranormal. If we don't have an answer for something the default position isn't- "it's paranormal or god did it".  The default is rather,  "we don't know yet but we're working on it."




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