Being a conservative atheist is a case of being a double minority; it kind of puts one on the wrong side of pretty much everything.


I've found it difficult to find anyplace where I fit in; obviously churches are out, as are virtually any groups among the artsy crowd (tough, because I'm an artist) and most social groups.  The closest thing I've found is the local Republican supporters, most of whom are wonderful people, though I do have to remember to watch my step there and not disparage religion lest I get the cold shoulder.


I find myself wishing for the days before the political parties reached out to the fringe movements on either side in an effort to curry favor and get votes.  (The Democrats embraced radical racial and other minority groups, and the Republicans did the same with religious zealots.)


Being single, it also makes dating hell.  The liberal women don't want anything to do with me, and the few conservatives I can find are usually repelled by my lack of religion.


Quite honestly, I find conservative religious people easier to take than liberal atheists. The conservatives, while they may disagree about religion, are at least nice about it & behave responsibly, whereas most of the liberals are just mean assholes who are downright abusive to anyone who doesn't share their views. 


Anyone else feel this way or have similar experiences?

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I would have to agree, Sam.  It's a very old dichotomy, between the desires for security and freedom.  The liberals primarily value security, the conservatives, freedom.  

But, as has been pointed out before, those who would trade freedom for security, soon find that they have neither freedom NOR security.



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