Does anyone else have as hard of a time typing "atheist" as I do? (P.S. hi)

I'm usually a very good typer, but for some reason, the word "atheist" is a real finger twister for me.  I always have to intentionally slow down or else I type the i before the e and the h before the t.  Really weird.


Anyway, hi!  I'm from the Oregon Coast, and I am employed as a journeyman electrician.  I'm taking a journeyman license exam for the state of Washington next week.  I'm also in school working slowly but surely towards a degree in electrical engineering.  I have a wife (also a nontheist of some sort - haven't really gotten to the bottom of her lack of belief) and a 6 year old stepson who is being raised in an open but rational household.  He's never believed in Santa Clause, if that says anything.

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One of my 'known issues' when it comes to typos. I think it's because all the letters are on the left hand except the 'i' and it screws with the rhythm when a word is so lopsided. Plus: i before e except after c or when sounded like ay as in neighbor and weigh .... and science, weird, atheist, theist, stein, and a bunch of other words that don't follow the rules.
or budweiser.
As a side note, English is a language of rules; except for the exceptions, and the exceptions to those exceptions!

Sorry, I had too add that in here; I've been saying that for years. It may even be a quote...
It now points to here in a google search; so, I guess not.
Bit like religion really!
I would tend to agree. Although I have to say, the specifics make communication more efficient for the appropriately versed.
"H" is on the right hand, too, unless you've got curiously lopsided hands. It'd be fascinating if you do.
Welcome and cheers from an east coast atheist. I used to have a problem with that until I joined this site. Being a member of A/N will cure you of that problem. You will get crucified for making that mistake here.
Crucified, huh? How ironic! :)
Not that anyone's going to be bothered, but no, I don't have a problem typing atheist. Maybe touch-typing helps. Hi anyway. Good luck with the qualifications, and enjoy the site.
Hey! Good luck with the exam. I'm in northern Australia and have a horrid time typing the 'A' word. I've noticed too, on Google that it searches with the 'i' & 'e' transposed. This is a good blog. hope you enjoy it.
But if you want a HARD one, try "minimum!" Right hand workout!




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