Does anyone else have as hard of a time typing "atheist" as I do? (P.S. hi)

I'm usually a very good typer, but for some reason, the word "atheist" is a real finger twister for me.  I always have to intentionally slow down or else I type the i before the e and the h before the t.  Really weird.


Anyway, hi!  I'm from the Oregon Coast, and I am employed as a journeyman electrician.  I'm taking a journeyman license exam for the state of Washington next week.  I'm also in school working slowly but surely towards a degree in electrical engineering.  I have a wife (also a nontheist of some sort - haven't really gotten to the bottom of her lack of belief) and a 6 year old stepson who is being raised in an open but rational household.  He's never believed in Santa Clause, if that says anything.

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Two fingers at that.
I often type it wrong as well. I need to remind myself that it is an "ism" or "ist" to remember that the "e" comes before the "i." It also goes against the old mnemonic "i before e except after c." Since there is no preceding "c" you tend to type "ie" because that is the most common form of such letter combination in English.


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