Does anyone else here find themselves often standing up for Islam?

I live in a small conservative Christian town where people often say horrible things about Islam and Muslims.  Even if I feel the same way about what they are saying a find myself bumping in on the conversation and standing up for Islam and pointing out all of the horrible things in the Bible.  Christianity isn't about loving one another at all.  That is what Christians now-a-days have turned it into.  It is about the stoning to death of the indifels and nonvirgin women on their marriage night just like Islam along with many other things.  According to the Bible 80%-90% of women in the western world should be stoned to death after their marriage.  Do you ever find yourself standing up for Islam?


I am pretty sure I would do the same if I were with Muslims talking down about Christianity, but I have never met a Muslim.


I also have a lot more respect for Islam for some reason.  Do you think it could be because I have to deal with the bs of Christians often and never the bs of Muslims?

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To be honest, I have been to Iraq, and a lot of the people I have came across just want normal lives! I stand up for those folks because they are just tired of the BS! 
Howdy Gary.

I dont find myself standing up for the Islam belief as such.But however i do find myself standing up for Muslim folk when ever i see people trying to personally demonize them.I agree with you Christianity has little right to claim being any better,other than most Christians dont actually honestly live out their faith anymore ...While many Islamist still do.

In my opinion ,Christianity has just been watered down so it still manages to fit modern society a little more easily.Islam still holds more honestly true to its original faith belief,and dont try to disguise itself.

Like you i totally dislike Christians who try claiming the higher moral ground, and try to treat Muslim folk as the lower human beings . These type of people i find totally disgusting and ugly,they are little better than school children bickering and bitching over who supposedly happened to throw the most stones.

Its time these sorts learned to grow up a little ...Become more like adults and learn to lead by good example and simply accept nobody is perfect.At present these ignorant thoughtless Christian folk are not doing a whole lot towards helping humanity start to be able to form better worldwide relationships .If they wish more muslim folks to stop turning themselves into human bombs,then its about time many Christian folk pull their heads in a little and stop this shit of trying to make Islam out to be the bad kid living in the neigbourhood.

When i say these things its not that i simply turn a blind eye to all the many inhumane practices that still happen to many Muslim in Islamist ruled countrys .Including the bad treatment of many women folk.I dont turn a blind eye to these things at all.

Im just more interested in focusing on things that are bad in general,and see more hope of improvement worldwide happening when Christians also become ready to focus on their own issues and see that they have many problems themselves which have also included oppression of women folk also.

Kiddys can argue and bitch on for months about who supposedly threw the most biggest stones .But it dont ever achieve much other than keeping aruments alive ..... When the real issue still remains ,that life would simply be much better when ALL kiddys learn stone throwing isnt really a good thing.
And Gary im really impressed when i see so many youth taking an interest in these matters.It is the youth of this world that gives me the most hope that one day these things could change.And i include Muslim youth in that thought.

Kudos ! to all you wonderful youthful folks .Specially when you live in small towns and places where its not easy to go against the grain.Places where you might be disliked for speaking your mind,and this kudos includes the youth in Islamist ruled countrys .

Good on you for having the guts to stand up for decency and progress.

We really need to see this progressive youthful attitude ....Because sadly old dogs dont always learn new tricks so very easily.




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