I had signed up for an account at the same time I joined A|N, but it never grabbed my attention quite the same as this community, though not for any reason in particular. I got back on there this week and began attempting a handful of posts, but HOLY LEAPING CHRIST is that format hard on my eyes. The pictures and snippets are everywhere, and I finally gave up when I was unable to centre myself on anything and got a headache. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I hate to quit a community like this, but I truly can't keep it up over there. Such a shame.

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I had a look at the Home Page and it's too glossy. I had no inclination to go into it. That type of web design blocks out the individual, I think.

I used too, however they are too strict on music videos I can post so I deleted my account and don't think they think enough

It's too slick and cluttered  for me.  The format says, "Look at me!  Look at me!".  Nexus is more down to earth.  It feels to me, Nexus is more about the members.

George, your comment is great - "I don't think they think enough"!

Me too.  As long as I'm a simple man, and not a simpleton.

............we also have great advertising.

Your "looking for marriage" poster is interesting, but in my new job the tips I get usually come from Muslims and Mexicans. Americans for the most part are just plain damned rude!

I visit AN and TA about equally and don't have the visual concerns that others here do. At first the software similarities had me wondering who bought the software from whom. I like that on both sites starting a discussion is easy.

On AN I see more discussion topics and more varied topics. On TA, some discussions seem endless as a few people parse others' posts in so much detail that I stop following them.



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