To disprove Christianity? Im asking if anyone thinks its even within the realm of possibility... say perhaps mathematically. I do think its possible. If the human race survives long enough I believe science will eventually figure out a way to disprove most of the major religions. Most atheists think that a disproof is impossible I've noticed but I just think those atheists lack imagination.

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I think if we find another planet with life it will disprove the bible and christianity because i don't remember there being any mention of God making other life on planets other than earth in the Bible. Not that I've read it all of the way through, just from the stories i had crammed down my throat as a child.
They will simply tell you that nowhere in the Bible it says that their god didn't create life on other planets :D
Tell you what why don't you disprove the existence of jesus, and I'll disprove captain Ahab. They both very well may have existed as real people, but is it just a story or a literal 100 percent factual accounting of absolutely true events... yup. Jesus did slay the white whale and saved the world from the albino cetacean, or devil, I forgot who I was talking about, I read those works of fiction so long ago that the main characters seem to blend and lose any real world importance.
I have an essay, "The Ethics of Jesus", which convinced one believer that Jesus was not the son of God. He wrote a blog post about it, which he has since withdrawn, so I cannot offer a link.

My essay is at

The argument is that Jesus is reported to have believed and taught that the End Times and Judgment Day were coming Real Soon, certainly within the lifetime of those people standing there hearing him speak. ("This generation will not pass away until all these things take place.") He told his followers to take drastic action to prepare: sell everything you own to distribute money to the poor, abandon your family and give your loyalty instead to your fellow believers, follow the entire Law of Moses down to the last iota, overfulfill the Law in both letter and spirit (by, for example, abstaining not only from false oaths but from all oaths, abstaining not only from killing but also from anger, abstaining not only from adultery but also from lust, practicing strict nonviolent pacifism (abstaining from retaliation, turning the other cheek) and so forth. His ethical teachings make no sense without the Apocalypse. These teachings are repeated in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. But the Apocalypse did not come, and after that generation HAD passed away, someone wrote the Gospel of John which deleted all mention of the Apocalypse and deleted all of these difficult and impractical ethical teachings, recasting Christianity as getting a free ticket to Heaven just by believing that Jesus has given you one.

The stark differences between Matthew, Mark, and Luke on the one hand, and John on the other, were enough to convince at least one believer, at least temporarily, that Christianity was false. That's the only bit of hope I can offer.
It will be impossible for one reason, and one reason only. Because for all the ridiculous reasons for which every atheist is already aware of, as long as only one person is still able to whisper the word 'god', you can't prove or disprove belief.

If that made any sense to anyone else but me.
I don't think you can ever expect to find a blanket disproof for god, because the arguments 'for' god are so varied and even inconsistent among themselves. Like John Hodges indicated, I think certain tenets of any particular belief can be successfully dismantled by particular arguments directed at those various points of belief.

However, I don't think science will ever successfully 'answer all the questions' for spiritual believers, because the beliefs themselves stand outside of scientific proof. As such, they can only be attacked by pointing out philosophical conundrums that arise out of the religious arguments themselves.

I have attempted to logically dismantle the most common 'ontological' claims that have traditionally been made for the existence of 'god' here: An Ontological Argument for the Denial of God

It's aimed more at disproving what your average believer claims to believe, as being the philosophical underpinnings for their claims of god's existence.

However, as I've indicated elsewhere any number of times before, it has always been a case of letting those who are ready to hear, hear, and have the oportunity to accept the truth for themselves.

Not at all.  The reason being is simple scriptures like, "

"And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; those also I must bring, and they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock, one shepherd." 
John 10:16 "


They will be like, "well the other flock were these aliens."  If the aliens do not have religious belief then it will be pushed of as they are actually demons.  This is an example of the many excuses theist will use to defend their faith.

It's definitely possible to disprove Christianity today. But the problem is.... the brainwashed Christians are programmed to ignore logic. Sigh......  :/




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