To disprove Christianity? Im asking if anyone thinks its even within the realm of possibility... say perhaps mathematically. I do think its possible. If the human race survives long enough I believe science will eventually figure out a way to disprove most of the major religions. Most atheists think that a disproof is impossible I've noticed but I just think those atheists lack imagination.

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A disproof is not necessary. The only proof that is necessary is one of a positive claim. Science operates under a null hypothesis - if a hypothesis can't be proven (hasn't been proven), or lacks evidence, that hypothesis is regarded as invalid.

In other words, the burden of proof is on them.
Now THAT should be on a bumper sticker!
Will a t-shirt do? (Bill_S doesn't even tout his own stuff but NoSacredCow at is his.): I Have Faith In The Null Hypothesis
It's already been disproved; ask a Jew. Even if you drop the Old Testament, the New Testamen is filled with contradictions. You can't have mutually exclusive concepts and have a cohesive religion. It's like having a married bachelor, impossible. Why do so many still follow or think they follow Christianity then? Simply because they don't know enough about it, never cracked open a bible or would rather cling to other aspects of their religion, i.e. a sense of community, fuzzy-feel-good feelings, Christian music, dreaming about immortality, etc.
Well I'm from Memphis but I'm attending Tel Aviv U for a year and a friend of mine here said she heard that there was a discovery made by an American anthropologist that was being reviewed by atheist Intellectuals in America. The way she described it was that the discovery had enormous implications for Judeo-Christianity, in the negative sense, and they were keeping it secret until they could verify the discovery. Im talking about the kind of proof that goes beyond contradictions in the Bible because there are logical ways around most of the standard atheist arguments. It got me to wondering if such a discovery was even possible so i questioned her.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?
Christianity was disproved ages ago. The simple fact is that believers will not accept evidence, no matter how clear-cut it may be. You're wasting your time if you are hoping for a definitive disproof. I suggest, instead, practicing how to explain to religious people that religion isn't necessary to live a good and moral life. This is more likely to have an effect in my experience.
I totally agree with Tom. You simply can't use logic to cancel out faith. It doesn't work that way.
I've never heard convincing evidence of proof I agree but I've never heard anything that could disprove the narrative either. I recognize that burden of proof is on them... what I'm asking is if there is anyone working on new evidence against Christianity? Has anyone heard of any ground breaking arguments against the faith in a while maybe is what I'm trying to ask?
There's archeological that the Israelites' religion was polytheistic c. 800 BCE, if that's the kind of 'proof' you're looking for. But then it would disprove Judaism as well as Christianity.
and Islam ... since all 3 are of the same "root" as Bill S. puts it?
yeah as others have said, its not really a matter of disproving them, but getting them to accept the evidence.
I think it's possible. Have a look at this article for an example:




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