Does anyone think that the former Bush administration will be charged with war crimes?

I can see the pros and cons in regard to this issue. I'm not sure what to think, actually. On one hand, it would show the world that we are facing our problems and dealing with our mistakes. On the other hand, would lengthy public trials further inflame the resentment that terrorist organizations already have for us? Does the American public want to see those responsible for war crimes prosecuted, or do people want to forget the past 8 yrs and focus more on the future?

Personally, I say prosecute those at the top who made the bad decisions, and stop letting the lower level government personnel take the fall for everything. If we don't hold our own government up to the high standards the constitution demands, what does that do to instill trust & respect in our own people, let alone the rest of the world?

So . . . what do you think?

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I think that Obama would not push for prosecution if left to his own devices. He'd want to "move forward" by doing the right thing himself, but not getting into what could be perceived as a divisive and politically-motivated investigation into the former administration's actions. That's his style. On the other hand, he's the one who keeps saying (quite correctly) that he can't just give us change; we have to mobilize and demand it. So, I hope that we will mobilize and demand investigation and prosecution of the Bush administration's crimes.

Also, I don't think lengthy public trials would inflame resentment against us -- I think it would show that we're serious about correcting the abuses that would come out, and not committing them again. In the long run I think it would make us less hated, not more.
I think you're right that Obama wouldn't push it, but I'll bet he'd agree to it if congress asked for it. Let's hope they do. After all, no one hesitated to investigate Nixon or Clinton, so why should Bush and his "advisors" get a free pass? Maybe we should start a petition demanding a full investigation, although the republican party might fight it tooth and nail. It would be in their best interest to demand the investigation themselves, if any of them hope to be re-elected! Cleaning house is definitely in order, don't you think?

As for a terrorist backlash, it's so hard to understand their reasoning in any situation. They're living proof of what fanatical religious beliefs can do to civilization. There's very little hope of changing that situation any time soon.
No. They are above the law and future leaders will be as well.
I don't know what Obama will do. If anything happens, Obama will only tacitly do or allow things but will make himself not really look like he is doing anything. This is mostly due to republican vultures hoping to swoop at him for wasting time on impeachment.

Nixon lowered the bar of expectations for what a president can do. This is why Bush has done what he did.
This is mostly due to republican vultures hoping to swoop at him for wasting time on impeachment.

Wasting time ? What THE FUCK was the whole Clinton / Lewinski farce ?
I don't mean it really is waisting time, but that is how the Republicans will sell this problem, and American idiots that pray to a zombie will believe it.
Well, I hope WHEN is soon. If it was good politics to "air" the Clinton's marital problems for the whole world to see, then Bush has definitely earned at the very least, a congressional investigation. The republican party will look like hypocrites for even trying to appose it. Then again, that's just my opinion.
Hypocrisy is the water off a Republican ducks back.
I don't think we will ever be that lucky enough to see someone in an extremely high position in a country as powerful as the United States face trial for a crime they committed. The only ones who stand trial are the ones that lose.
Or the army grunts that were used as sacrificial goats over Iraq prisoner abuse to divert attention from Rumsfeld et al.




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