Does anyone think that the former Bush administration will be charged with war crimes?

I can see the pros and cons in regard to this issue. I'm not sure what to think, actually. On one hand, it would show the world that we are facing our problems and dealing with our mistakes. On the other hand, would lengthy public trials further inflame the resentment that terrorist organizations already have for us? Does the American public want to see those responsible for war crimes prosecuted, or do people want to forget the past 8 yrs and focus more on the future?

Personally, I say prosecute those at the top who made the bad decisions, and stop letting the lower level government personnel take the fall for everything. If we don't hold our own government up to the high standards the constitution demands, what does that do to instill trust & respect in our own people, let alone the rest of the world?

So . . . what do you think?

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Honestly, I think both can be done. The Bush admin knows it deserves what it should get but of course don't want it and may do anything possible to not be punished. But I don't think any of the new admin, nor the majority of the populous will let it go that easy. Even me for instance. I am seriously hungry for some blood. And I think terrorists( i use that term loosely) or rather I should say extremists, may get off our back if the Bush admin were brought to justice. No one really knows. I just think the people of this country would be more confident in itself if the last 8 years unfolded and came out in the open for all eyes and ears to see and hear.
I agree that successful prosecution would be a healing process for Americans. Especially those of us who never voted for him in the first place, and who took a lot of abuse for any negative opinions we voiced about his bizarre policies.

That the people who were Bush's puppet masters, are now proclaiming his greatness, is so arrogant that action must be taken. Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rove should be found as guilty as Bush, publicly censored and sentenced to prison time. It happened to Nixon's aides, certainly this group deserves no less.
Well said. If anything is done, which I highly doubt, there is likely to be a fall guy to divert attention. Maybe we'll get someone sequestered like Ollie North to make a mockery of our system again.



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