I have just jointed the group, so here's a big hello shoot out. I've been an atheist for over 40 years. I also am an avid amateur photographer. I was wondering how atheism affects your photography. I haven't ever thought about that until seeing this group. Upon reflection, I can honestly say that I don't think atheism has any real affect upon my photography. While I enjoy taking nature and landscape shots the most, I still enjoy capturing old churches, and religious relics. I don't think I really make any conscious statement in my photography about atheism. Do think your atheism is reflected in, or affects your photographic work? Also, please suggest appropriate tags.

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I really like the contrast of colours in the bottom one. The other two remind me of cake decorations, icing!
Well, Atheism has altered my world view, and since photography is one way of me literally viewing the world, I'd say yes.

I'm a geology geek for one. When I take photos of rock formations, creeks and dry washes, more than ever I'm asking myself, "How can anyone not believe in natural erosion looking at this? How can anyone say that science without god(s) has no beauty?"

For me, it is the very idea that a sandstone wall was gradually etched out like a child's drip sand castle that makes it so fascinating and beautiful. What caused this hole to be bigger than that hole? Why did the crack run that way instead of this way? I find it ever more impossible to believe that an all-powerful being would spend so much time etching so much detail into that sandstone wall but ignore hunger in Somalia, or the cries of a child being abused by yet another priest.

(Proof there is no benevolent god, but there is awesomeness in science!)
Here are some interesting cliffs on the Isle of Wight. There are dinosaur tracks in some of the rocks when the tide goes out.

Sweet - more science-y awesomeness!
On occasion. Most of my photographs are of nature and people. I enjoy photographing headstones and the like in cemeteries. I've snapped a few vehicles plastered with jesus bumper stickers, road signs, and church signage. The last photo is a page in my son's public school math notebook. "Jesus Math" must be a new concept they are teaching?
I have been working with models for 3-4 years and just started my photography business "for real" almost a year ago. I have always wondered if my Atheism (which I don't hide, especially on Facebook) has turned away some potential clients. Most likely it has, but there is no way to measure it. Of course, my personal work may also turn some away, as well, as it is not nearly as conservative as other pros in the area... if they even show personal work, that is.

Most professional photographers around here wear their religion on their sleeve. I have visited most of their web sites, and it seems so many of them cannot define themselves without professing their belief in God. It frustrates me to no end!
Post some links Ben, fancy a beak at some godtogs sites.
and it seems so many of them cannot define themselves without professing their belief in God.

Yeah, I get real irritated at any business that pushes "We're Christian owned!" all over themselves.

My fairly agnostic business partner and I have already decided, if someone wants Jesus biker wear they can go to some other motorcycle shop. But we don't want to push Atheism as a dominant theme or anything.

Same with being female/Native American owned. While it's kind of a cool angle for a motorcycle business we don't want that to be 'the' angle. I figure if I just put our pictures on flyers and things, that angle will sell itself.
Not really. I just shoot what I think looks good. My atheism doesn't really enter into the picture (excuse the pun).
Only in the sense that it might draw me to outings/demonstrations*/protests that I might not be interested in or aware of if I weren't an atheist.

* as in displaying, not protesting
Heh - I like that!



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