Not according to the analytical geeks at OKcupid:

If you scroll down to the last graph, you will see that mentioning atheism in a first message is more likely to lead to subsequent messages than mentioning any other religion, and mentioning 'god' is the worst. Does anyone have alogical explanation?

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Absolutely. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad in other places, but here? On OKcupid I can find about five atheists within fifty miles. Ha. which sucks because theism is an absolute deal breaker. I may meet a theist in a bar and have a good time, but we'll never date. ^_^
Yes, I see you are in Louisiana. The analysis looked at randomly selected data form major urban areas. I feel just as SOOL as you out here in Kansas ):
I agree with that statement! I just can't stand the "glassy eyed" look of the indoctrinated. :)
I am not sure about the proselytizing. It's a dating site, after all. And the demographic was 18-40 yr-olds, skewed toward the younger crowd in volume. Maybe the response frequency has to do with people looking for sex rather than relationships. If that was what you wanted, it might be instinctive for many to assume that atheists have less inhibiting morality and are thus more likely to put out. Nebraska, huh? That's just like Kansas North...
OK. Just my opinion here, but I really think the winks and flirts are tacky. And the intelligent women I have corresponded with feel the same. They want to see a guy make an effort at expressing himself a bit more than that. I know it seems gender-biased to the guy making a bigger effort, but that's kind of just the biology. Males are more expendable (genetically) and females tend to be choosier because they can afford to be. Maybe one of the ladies will comment on this (?)
I agree that non-customized contacts like winks are a bad idea. Too many guys send out winks or try to IM her just because they like a woman's appearance; they don't even bother reading her profile. Like the OKCupid analysis showed, the best initial messages mention something specific about the other person's profile. I also like to hear what the guy connected to in the profile. It's really not that hard to do, but a lot of men don't do it. If the guy's first contact is thoughtless, then he comes across as a thoughtless guy who's not going to put any effort into the relationship.

(It's also great when there's humor, but that's optional.)
I send many messages to many girls on dating websites and have only ever got 8 responses, which were all brief and about how we are not similar or not comparable. But I do think a woman's appearance is quite important, and it sounds like you think a man's appearance does not matter? I know I don't want a woman who is too similar to my mother. She is obese and I made a conscious decision to only accept someone who is somewhat skinny; I weigh less than most people my height, and I think most people know how those of the opposite gender should look. On one website, a "matchmaker" said I was too short.
Just as a note - Most women don't bother to read profiles, either; better than 90% just look at a guy's picture when deciding whether or not to respond. Humans are just visually-oriented creatures.
Yes, it can be tedious. But if one is optimistic, it seems possible that a lot of puported Xtians are not that strongly grounded in their faith and may themselves be susceptible to 'conversion'. I think it is possible that many profess to be Xtian (on dating sites) much in the same way as many politicians do - to increase their general acceptance level, rather than being serious about it. Maybe I'm too optimisitic, though, and it certainly doesn't apply to the 'salesforce' for Christ.
After I identified myself as an atheist the people who contacted me were basically one's who didn't care about religion.

I stopped dating shortly after that for unrelated reasons but it didn't make any difference in terms of the numbers who were interested.

There are a lot of people in Canada who self-identify as Christian but never go to church and it makes no difference in their day to day lives.
If only that were true out here in the 'heartland' of America. Here, they look at you as if there is something wrong with you if you don't have a church you attend regularly. So I tell them that A/N is my 'church group' to watch the confusion develop in their face as I explain it. It's so twisted. Even the most narrow-minded conservatives seem far more respectful of people in other religions - even those diametrically opposed to theirs that they recognize as 'enemies' (e.g muslims), than they are of non-theists. I guess a religion at theological war with yours is still better than no religion at all. Sheeeshh.
I've heard a lot of horror stories about the Bible Belt and the Heartland. I can't imagine what that would be like.

The worst fundy I can think of here in Canada is Stockwell Day and he's pretty tame (and tolerable) compared to the one's I hear about down South. Lol.

The worst thing I recall him saying was that he wouldn't work on Sundays. That statement contributed to the loss of the election for the Conservatives and he lost his leadership position.




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