Does Coming Out Athesist Say That Religionists Are Wrong?

Here is what Greta Christina says:   Coming out atheists says to Christians, "you are wrong"    Have to say I agree.   It's inherent and we can't ignore it. 

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Greta C's  assertion is that atheism is in a special category that differs from some of the other areas that you mentioned. . .very insightful. . .and provocative in a way I think we've not admitted.
I suppose it's like The Nerd says. I just don't tell em straight up that I think they're wrong :B

Far be it from me to disagree with Greta.  If we boldfaced aver that we are Atheist, it implies, (wether we mean it or not), that if you are not an Atheist, you are wrong. 

   It's also true from the other side.  Growing up in the Northeast during the late 50s and throughout the 60s, I wold hear things like, "well I see you're jewish, but I'm catholic", implying that "I" am right and you are wrong.  The difference with Atheists is that all the believers are on shakey ground.  After all the onus of proof is upon the calimant.

Your link has an extra "ttp://" at the end.


That is a long article to make an obvious point.  Wow!  (I didn't read it.)  I also agree, although I don't know why you used the term "religionists" instead of "theists." (Maybe the article explained that one.)


Mainstream religions as we know them today are detriments to this world.  They are detrimental to improving living conditions according to at least one scientific study: Dysfunctional Countries Depend on Religion.  They are causes of conservatism, which is general resistance to change, and without change there can be no improvement.  Resistance to change should be calculated and logically justified and should not be a predetermined stance.  Religions perpetuate ignorance and prejudice and make people more susceptible to manipulation.  I know of no benefits achieved by religion that can't be achieved without, but there are plenty of detriments unique only to religious belief.  Religion deserves no respect.


(People, on the other hand, do deserve respect.  That is another issue.)


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