I have been giving chrome a try.. it seems harmless enough

But there are things I can do in IE that I don't know how to do in chrome.

Does anyone ever add polls to their posts?

Peace to all

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You use IE? As the adage foes IE is the number one browser for downloading other browsers.

My work insist on IE but I've always found the interface clunky and on all my personal PC's I have Firefox loaded. I've tried chrome in the past but I suppose I am use to FF. I have heard good things though and should give it another go.

The issue as I see it with IE is its less secure, slow, and often lags behind in features of the other browsers.

Of course its all about what works for you, but I would suggest taking a good look at the alternatives.


I use both IE and Google Chrome.  Google Chrome works better for my Acorn TV.  Does everyone like Windows 8?  I think I might like it is I ever learn how to use it.

I have windows 8 and hate it.  Call it windows H8.  I have it on a new asus laptop.  It continuously resizes the screen. I learned how to turn that function off for my old computer but for this one I've spent hours and cant figure it out.  It resizes multi times per computer session.  

It also keeps jumping to the home screen without my wanting it to.  Some of this involves the track pad - if I learn to type without having my wrists on the computer it happens less, but that's awkward for me.

I have a blog on blogger.  It is not as compatible as prior windows.  There are problems with uploading - pics no longer show the pic.  I have to guess.

Finally, while typing the cursor often jumps somewhere else  I keep having to move it.  That happened on my last computer, but it happens more now.

I'm getting used to it.  As far as I can tell, it's just different for difference sake.  Maybe there is more security.  I am a curmudgeon.

I am still getting used to Windows 8 as well. I had to buy a book on it to help me figure it out. It is so different from Windows 7.

Looks like I will have to get the book!

Sentient, my track pad died so I had to get a mouse that you plug in to the USB Port.  This seems to solve all of that jumping around by the pointer.  It is a very small laser mouse so I can use it on the arm of my easy chair or on the bottom part of my laptop.  I has a thin retractable cord that doesn't tangle up with everything.  I bought it at Big Lots so it was very inexpensive.

So... disable your trackpad? it's f6 on my computer. 

I use chrome exclusively.  I feel like it's faster.  I like using adblock.  That might be on IE too, I don't know.

Two reasons I use Firefox: the Adblock Plus and Noscript addons.

Thanks to all for the comments!

Google chrome seems very secure.

I have not figured out how to import image URL's to my favorite forum. It took me years to figure out how to do it with IE.. and now that I know how.. I do go back to IE and use that tool. I am sure it will come to me with enough exposure to chrome.

Peace be with you.

In Firefox: right-click, then "Copy Image Location".

I'd expect other browsers to have a similar feature, either in one step or (as in IE) by getting an image's "Properties" and copying its address/URL.

The ONLY thing I can do in IE and I can't do in Chrome is add pictures on a website as my wallpaper on my desktop. That's not enough of a reason to make me start using IE though. Way too many downsides for me. I don't like restrictions and chrome offers me the most freedom to do what I want. IF i want to disable every bit of security on google chrome I can, and I don't have chrome harping at me like an abusive husband. Whereas every time I disable security features on IE, I never hear the end of it. Just me though, some people do well with those kinds of restraints. 


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