I have been giving chrome a try.. it seems harmless enough

But there are things I can do in IE that I don't know how to do in chrome.

Does anyone ever add polls to their posts?

Peace to all

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Disable trackpad.... Hmmm... Not willing to do that. Evolve!

Personally, I've been using Netscape / Firefox for years, and am very satisfied with it.  I especially like its tabbed browsing arrangement, and it appears to be the ONLY tabbed browser which, when you open a link in a new tab, will allow you to go directly TO that tab!  IE's tabbed browser won't let you do that, and the one time I tried Chrome, it wouldn't either, which strikes me as being rather odd.

I will admit that Firefox has been a touch buggy here and there, but nothing so serious that I would consider dropping it.  As for IE, I agree - it's the best browser for downloading the browser of YOUR choice!  Other than that, I wouldn't hit a dead dog with it.


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