A search for Abraham Lincoln's 1860 Cooper Union address turned up this question, which a philosophy professor once asked his class.

How would you have answered it?

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Does anything not change/

Bert, 20 years ago I saw a lightly comedic late 1980s movie titled "Things Change". A search on the title produced, "The Chicago Mafia makes shoeshine man Gino (Don Ameche) an offer: do the time for a murder he didn't commit, and they'll buy him a fishing boat in Sicily. Gino accepts and is placed in the custody of Jerry (Joe Mantegna), a low-level mobster, until the trial. Jerry quickly gets bored with the babysi… More"

What doesn't change? ...Change? (I plagiarized that but don't recall from whom.)

History tends to show that human nature does not change.

Some Nietzsche interpreters claim he believed that human nature is "as yet undetermined." That seems convincing to me. It's on a journey "beyond good and evil."

I would have to guess "yes."  Assuming human nature is some percent nature and some percent nurture (however you want to split the pie) it seems that even if the nature part stays constant, there is an overall mellowing going on with the nurture side.  Each generation seems to be exposed to a "kinder, gentler" environment, each a bit more progressive than the last, that leads the young of the new generation to be more sensitive and tolerant than the preceding.  Despite the violence we see on the news, we are obviously a gentler people and are more outraged and surprised by violence than, say, people of a typical Middle Age village in, say, Germany, when the occasional mass plundering, murder, pillaging, and rape would have been shrugged off as "oh well, shit happens..." 

disclaimer: This analysis is off the cuff and subject to immediate change of opinion!


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