I will try to summarize as much as I can. I've been in the military since high school, but I may be getting out in the next two years. I'm currently doing courses online at the UofP (Phoenix), but I'm skeptical of how it will pay off in the future, and I'd like the experience of being in a classroom, so I would feel more comfortable going to a brick and mortar college. So does it matter if I get an associates at a community college, then switch to a university, or just go to a university? I am getting mixed opinions from people concerning what type of college to go to, the reputation of online colleges etc.

Some say the degree matters, but where you go doesn't (obviously it does in some cases like Ivy League vs. Online etc). And others say in some situations, where you get the degree matters. It seems there's no guarantee except that one should pursue a higher education, of course. But should I just pick a place and stop worrying? What do you think? Thank you for your answers.

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I don't think it really matters if you go to Community college then regular university. Right now I am going to a community college as long as they are accredited nationally other universities have to accept you.
Where you go does matter but it differs from field to field. I think online courses can be good but I think they are most appropriate after you already have your degree from elsewhere.

On occasion I write letters of recommendation for undergraduates applying to medical school. Some of these students started out in community colleges where they took general education requirement courses without paying the absurdly high tuition of many Universities. Many of them are now in med school so starting out in a community college is not a problem.

It is important that if you decide to take courses at a community college that you to make sure the credits can be transferred to the University or College of your interest.

Best of luck,
What's best depends totally on what you plan to do.

So, what do you plan to do? We can go from there.
I have heard about that problem from some friends in the service. If you want to get a degree so that you can easy mode into O-1 then it doesn't really matter where you get your BA/BS from as long as it's an accredited degree.

If you want to go into a post-grad program then we're moving into territory where where you went to school is as important as how you did. I.e. going to U of Michigan may not necessarily be better or worse than going to UC Berkeley, but either is more weighty than U of Phoenix.

If you want a resume buffer, then it's not really that important.

If you want a degree for some personal reason then it's really up to you where you think you should get that degree.

Again, this all depends on what you want to do with that degree.

edit: You can always transfer some of those credits you've earned to a University proper.
Most universities will accept community college credits. In CA, all state universities tell colleges what is transferable. I would imagine it's the same in other states.

In any case if you want to go to a state university then community college is the most sensible way to go about it. You save two years of tuition, get a fair amount of credits without a lot of competition, and post-grad programs weigh your first two years pretty lightly anyway. There isn't much to lose by going community college.

Best of luck.
In my opinion, what you are going to do is more important than where you learn it. As long as you learn it. Speaking as someone who has interviewed a number of people. The education will get your resume to the desk, your experience will get you in the door, and who you are will get you the job. It seems to me you are getting all of it done.
Phoenix sun devils... Greydon Square's place of education lately, if he's there, it's freethinker friendly I'm thinking.

As for Florida, vatican has tainted many a university... UCF, cheating scandals, eucarist jokes...

? online?
Ah there such a thing as an education in Florida?
I personally a Senior In College, took the uni route. Then again, ESU has flat rate tution which allows me to take more classes and get a better bang for my buck. I'm also able ( assuming i'm excepted) can finish my masters programs in the same college which is really convenient.

But when it comes to further education my Psy.D or Ph.D I have no idea where I'm going to go from that point.

But make sure you check scholarships and grants, then you can pick a college more on location and staff than price.


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