Does listening to xmas music make one a hypocrite?

My husband and I were in the car the other day, and I flipped it to a station that happened to be playing xmas music (anyone in the Detroit metro area knows this station). He immediately called me a hypocrite. I said, "I am not."  I enjoy listening to it this time of year because it's fun. When the religious crap, um, songs come on, I switch the station.

I got to thinking later, am I being a hypocrite, listening to music based on an xian holiday? Am I confusing my kids telling them one thing (god is make believe) while participating (singing) in the opposite?

Is this something for me to think about, or simply let it go as ridiculous?

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Not a bit. I live in the Appalachian mountains and I'll sometimes listen to primitive recordings of gospel music just because it is a cultural phenomenon. Xmas music connects me with some pretty nice childhood memories. I just add the baby Jesus in with Santa as a pleasant childhood fantasy ;-)
Here's a question that I hope isn't too far off topic (which I had previously posted on another music topic).

I like to make a CD of non-religious music for the "winter holidays". I like themes of the season (nature, family, comforting others, generosity, struggle, kindness, overcoming fear etc.) apart from ones that are wrapped up in religious symbols. Are there any favorites that people can suggest?

They need not be atheist or attach religion. although I sometimes include 1 or 2 of these. I'd like a better balance of humanistic songs, if that is a category.
I like Dean Martin and Rosemary Clooney doing "Baby it's Cold Outside"
My choices:

Bottom Of The Punch Bowl

The Holly And The Ivy

Here We Come A Wassailing

Lord Of The Dance (Simple Gifts.)
I wrote a blues song called "Oh How I Hate Christmas (Since You Left Me)"

I don't send Christmas cards
And I sure don't receive none
I don't watch the Grinch
Or no Charlie Brown re-runs
Don't sing Christmas carols
No Nativity scenes
And I don't b'lieve in Santa
And I hate red and green
Ed, yes, exactly...... the childhood memories. Xmas was never religious growing up, just time for family to get together, and listening to xmas music, for me, brings back wonderful memories of my grandparents (3 have past). And like I said, it's fun. Who doesn't like adlibing "Jingle bells batman smells..." and "... reindeer games, like monopoly?"
Let it go, enjoy your holiday, sing your songs! The great thing about being an atheist is that we don't have that mold we have to fit into, like christians do. If you like the music I feel like it's just part of the holiday feeling. I happen to love a lot of the Christmas songs, even some of the religious ones....because they sound pretty and remind me of childhood Christmas'. Enjoy, no guilt!

Tell your hubby to play nice ;) Just kidding :)
No way you're a hypocrite.. I've been an atheist for more than 45 years.. I dig christmas time and getting with my family.. We play and sing christmas music including the religious songs. I don't feel like a hypocrite. It's just about having fun with the family. Anybody against that can kiss my monkey butt. I know who I am.
tom, *I* didn't think i was a hypocrite, my husband said something and i got to wondering....... i guess some ppl think that you HAVE to be xian or at least religious to enjoy xmas music and the holiday; for us, it's just tradition and a good time to be with family ( although we ought not need a holiday to be with family do we?). and, we have kids, and it's fun for them.

so with all this feedback, i don't feel the least bit guilty or bad for listening to "fun" music, xmas or not. if i like i'll listen to it; no matter what anyone thinks.
I'm glad I noticed this topic, because this is something that has pained me. I love xmas music. I may or may not have already pulled out my Time Life Christmas Classics 4 cd set. It isn't the xtian-ish stuff, just the campy songs I loved as a child.

I love xmas because of good memories and a general love of popular culture. But the jesusy stuff always ruins it a little.

For a good portion of my life, I have been solicited by a big local church to participate in their performance of Handel's Messiah, the Hallelujah Chorus specifically, because I used to sing and direct in a popular local chorale. I LOVE the technical difficulty of the chorus, and I LOVE performing it, but I can't bring myself to do it these days. But I'm not giving up Rudolph and I Want A Hippopotamus For Xmas!
Like dr kellie I have found memories of xmas and a general love of popular culture. I'd just like to add some winter, secular and humanist songs to the season. As I said elsewhere a song like "The atheist's Christmas Carol" by Vienna Teng does a bit of that. I also like Christmas in Washington which has a political theme (from the late 90s) that may be relevant again in these times.
"i want a hippo for xmas"...... that song will always remind me of my kids being little and us singing it at the top of our lungs..... the memories are what counts :)




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