A lot of theists have told me "You have to respect religion!" When I point out logical holes in it, or how ridiculous it sounds to believe in a 2,000 year old man who is his own father is. They expect me and other non-theists to show respect for their beliefs, yet many theists have no problem professing their religious beliefs to non-theists, but point out the flaws of their beliefs is simply "disrespectful"
What are your thoughts on this?

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I'm from the Pat Condell school of thought. Ittsacrockaschitt!
Do we have to respect the theory that the moon is made of cheese?
It's not!?? Blasphemer!
Does religion deserve respect? No more than any other form of stupidity.
YES. I totally agree. If my best friend says she 'Found Jesus' I'm supposed to be like "oh, good for you. But if she found any other imaginary friend, it's OK to say "You're nuts." They both are the same thing.
I can't stand it when a theist tells me "you have to respect religion." but also tells be I'm being childish for not "accepting Jesus."
I want to thank everyone who contributed to this discussion. I've been engaged in an off-and-on argument with one of my Muslim friends (for posting one of the Danish cartoons of Muhammad on my FB for International Blasphemy Day), and the respect thing came up today. I believe that people deserve respect unless they do something to warrant losing it, but ideas must earn respect and should not be granted with it automatically. I can post the extent of the debate up to now if it is of interest to anyone.
Like it or not, religious believers are emotionally invested in their faith. Disrespect their faith and you disrespect them personally.

So true. If you reject their imaginary god, that has never done anything for them, they feel you've rejected them, though you've laughed with them, touched them, helped them, cared for them.
Nothing can be done about that. If someone is determined to be offended unless you agree with them, they should be prepared to be offended. A young child will be upset when *everything* doesn't go their way, but that isn't real life after the age of 4.
You can respect a theist without resecting the notion that homosexuals deserve to be tortured eternally (or that the bread can be turned into a god or whatever). If they conclude that our lack of respect of their silly beliefs is a slight then that's on them. Having said that, there are theists in my life who I show respect to by not discussing these matters with them. If they choose to force the issue, then again that is on them.
If they choose to force the issue, then again that is on them.

That's the only sane course of action - don't force the issue, but if they insist then they will hear some shit they don't want to hear.




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