A lot of theists have told me "You have to respect religion!" When I point out logical holes in it, or how ridiculous it sounds to believe in a 2,000 year old man who is his own father is. They expect me and other non-theists to show respect for their beliefs, yet many theists have no problem professing their religious beliefs to non-theists, but point out the flaws of their beliefs is simply "disrespectful"
What are your thoughts on this?

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No they don't deserve respect and I see no reason to give them any.
They see that as disrespectful,I say too bloody bad for you. The religious don't respect our feeling or thoughts so why should we respect theirs?
I agree with Steve and would add it's the arrogance theists have in their delusion that gets me. They think there's something actually wrong with us for not believing their mythical fairy tales.
Hahahahahaha. No way. :D Respect people, sure, but if not respecting there ignorant theistic views is considered as disrespectful to them all I can say is fuck 'em.
I respect people when they earn my respect, not because of some friend in the sky. They have no problem saying that Atheists are evil. I have no problem pointing out that they do more harm in the name of religion than us evil heathens.
No, no, a thousand times NO. Why? For the same reason that it is absurd to suggest that any OTHER mental disorder deserves respect. Beliefs in the existence of gods and devils, gohosts and goblins, angels and demons are manifestations of a particular kind of mental disorder. Respect the people, treat them well, and try to point them toward treatment, and ALWAYS ridicule to no end the absurd beliefs.
Well said!
Does religon deserve respect? Should we respect it?

The parts of it that are inherently human do. The parts that play on irrational fear and discourage humanity and individuality in favor of blind obedience to an unseen and untouched entity should be rejected and ridiculed as damaging and dishonest.

The religious are to be seen as human beings that have suspended their disbelief for many different reasons. To spit upon them is to spit upon ourselves, as some of us were once equally deluded.
Nicely put Nate, I agree with what you said. Even if some religions do not respect us and our free thinking, we should not lower ourselves to their level of "love" (hatred for the unknown). We should take the moral high ground.
Even if some religions do not respect us and our free thinking, we should not lower ourselves to their level of "love" (hatred for the unknown).

Exactly, Marty. The nature of most religion is to discourage against any thought that contradicts its own. In a way, I guess that makes sense. It wouldn't do, telling people that their myths are simply attempts to understand human existence. They must maintain a sense of uniqueness and superiority, or there's no point to any of it.

As idependent thinkers, we have the opportunity to embody reasonableness, compassion and respect for human dignity- concepts that run against all that most religions stand for.
"To spit upon them is to spit upon ourselves, [ as some of us were once equally deluded.]"

Nicely put.--and some us are still just as deluded, but about different things.

A disbelief in god(s) does not magically provide a new character,intellect reason or sanity.

There are some passing strange and most unpleasant atheists at large.(The most objectionable atheists in one place I've ever come across is at 'Raving Atheists Forum'.)

my respect is earned,as is my contempt. I accord neither automatically or because it's expected.
I agree. Respect can not be given unless it is earned nor can tolerance. I will never tolerate the likes of Westboro Baptist and their campaign of hate, nor will the hypocritical assholes on C Street gain my respect.
Not me. I want them to know that atheists will stand up to their nonsense and fight for their rights. I want theists to know that their bullshit will not go unchallenged, that their worldview is not held by everybody, and that morality does not derive from a "holy" book or depend on the threat of punishment or reward in an imaginary afterlife. Theism is a cancer on humanity and should be extinguished. That's not going to happen if we politely nod and pretend that it's OK to hold such ridiculous and immoral stances. Of course we need to educate people and engage politely if possible. But dangerous bullshit needs to be condemned, and loudly.


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