Does the bible predict the fall of Babylon? Did this prediction come true?

I have a fellow classmate who claimed that bible prophecies have come true, such as the fall of babylon. Here's the direct quote, "Every prophecy in the Bible has been accomplished and continues to do so. Perfect example: The rise and Fall of Babylon. God did say that he would destroy Babylon once and for all and no other shall bring it back up. Saddam Hussein is one of the few people that tried to build up Babylon but his multiple attempts always failed."

I'm wondering if anyone has some information on this?

Thanks for your time.

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Have you tried the Skeptics Annotated Bible?

A brief skim doesn't reference any prophecy on Babylon, but theres a whole host of false prophecies there.
I Didn't look hard enough apparently, yes the bible say's Babylon shall never be Inhabited again. Yet people obviously live there now (modern Iraq, and Baghdad for that matter). That's a world of difference from never being rebuilt.

Tell your friend that he needs to read the bible more closely next time.

Isaiah 13:19-20
Thanks for the quick reply Nicholas. I'm still waiting on her reply, which I asked her to include her sources.
My brain is mush after working long hours this week so this is the best I can offer for now:
Thank you, this link helps and is very good reading.
Wow, those are funny prophecies as I'm sure many are. In my current comparitive religions class, there are about 10-15 students who are extremely serious about the bible, demons talking and haunting them, and Jesus being without flaw.

Thanks for the reply.
Good point, but I don't think these people are touting that their God can prophecies the future. I think they are making the statement that because the bible prophecies, supposedly, came true, then this is evidence that the bible is true and therefore God exist.

Even if it where true that there are fulfilled prophecies in the bible, I say it doesn't prove anything in regards to God. I would say that the writers either got lucky, where talking about something else, or made educated guesses based on their experiences.
I suspect that the bible may have predicted the past. The bible were probably written after the fall of Babylon. A story that predicts the past is not a prophecy.

Many missionaries use this "prophecy" to trick people into reading the bible and treating it as something holy, ie a gift from God. This trick is getting old.
I've heard the statement of the bible being written after the so called prophecies happened. Could you explain how we know this or link me to some literature on the matter?

Thanks for your help and time.
When the Jews returned to Israel from Babylon (Iraq) they collected all their "holy" works and in the "midrash tradition" they "updated" events and put words in the mouths of the prophets using the benefit of 20-20 hindsight.
Thanks for the info Rusty. Do you have source I could inform myself further with on this matter?




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