Lately I've been seeing this one person everywhere. I mean, EVERYWHERE. Any hall I walk in at the high school, he's there. He's always somehow walking the same route I walk to get to certain places during school, and whichever way I go to get outside, for some reason he's already down there. This guy, even invades my dreams. I mean seriously, I've had him show up in about 5 dreams within the past month. x( has this ever happened to anyone else?? Trust me, I'm not obsessed with this person. I just find it weird how he's everywhere, physically and subconsciously.

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It sounds to me as though your mind is picking up the patterns of his proximity. Our minds are amazing machines and will focus on things if given half the chance. 

For the longest time (and sometimes, even now), I notice when it's 9:11 in the morning... since 9/11, my mind picks up that pattern.

I wouldn't worry about it. Just try not to extrapolate any supposed meaning to it.

Alright. It's just odd, I usually only notice the 9:11 thing on the clock like you do. I notice details too on this person. I can tell when he gets his hair trimmed, I could tell you all the band tees he has, I notice when he switches his glasses, and I know what color his eyes are. Like I said before, and just to clarify, I'm NOT obsessed. But since I see him often, I notice details that most ignore.
And also, I've always noticed details on people and things and in text, but not on strangers.
Well I don't really look for patterns. I just notice. I think maybe if I didn't have attention deficit disorder I wouldn't notice but because this person is a distraction and I have a hard time focusing on one thing, I notice things.
That was very long but I read it all and that's really interesting. I've never heard of a thing like that but it makes sense. One thing I didn't mention was we even wear very similar things. I usually just wear black band tees to school (which he does too but I'm guessing that's because he likes the same music as I do because a lot of people wear band tees) but I have a tyedye shirt I only wear occaisionally and the one day I wore it to school he had on a tyedye shirt. I just recently figured out his name because I found out we even have the same friends.




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