Does Trump’s Lying Stir Your Interest in the ProTruth Pledge?

For some people it appears so.

Bing the term, Duckduckgo it, Google it, Safari it, Yahoo it, etc, but don’t feel so powerless that you return to religion, and decide.

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I hate Trump and his lying and I have never met the man. As for a "pro truth pledge" I am wondering why we have it and why anyone would want to take it unless they were known to not be telling the truth in the first place. I have heard of this pledge and I am wondering why we have it.

Maybe the government should take the pledge. This morning I heard we gave Iran a bad computer virus because of the drone shoot down and all the nonsense going on in the gulf of Hormuz. A day or two before that I heard we gave a bad computer virus to Russia. Which one is it? Did we give a bad computer virus to both Russia and Iran or did someone mention Russia simply because Putin told Trump to leave Iran alone and our government wanted Trump to appear strong. Which one is it? Did we actually give a bad computer virus to anybody?

You decide.

Michael, as the scientific method (but no known political method) requires, I lack evidence and will suspend judgment.

With all the spin that goes on in government at all levels, truth-telling in politics has become a novel event for some and an annoying irritant for others.  If we genuinely wanted our representatives to shoot straight with us, a lot more of us would have to demand it of them than currently do, and the fact is that there are a lot more couch potatoes out there than there are activists.  I agree with Michael in his question about why we need such a pledge in the first place.  Worse, even if some pols were to take it, can we seriously expect them to stand behind it?

As for going back to religion, that'll happen on a day that doesn't end in "Y"!




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