Does Victoria Gekko Look Like Anyone Who Could Pass Through the Eye of a Needle?

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Oh, and Joel..., I mean Jesus, wants me to have a new BMW too.

I wonder if she has ever been hungry? I mean, really hungry? or homeless? or battered? or neglected? I question whether she ever had to work for a living? or had to support children without the help of the father or others? She needs to walk among the poor for a month, learning to survive as many of those wretched poor had to learn. I wonder how she feel when she sees a hungry, homeless, neglected child? or mother? 

Sadly, these people have prepared press releases to paint them as saints. I just keep remembering the lawsuit filed by an airline stewardess -- she lost -- claiming that not only was Victoria rude to her during the flight, she assaulted her. (In some states, if you merely touch someone knowing they do not want you to touch them, it is assault, criminally and civilly.) Somehow, I can see a nouveau riche Victoria treating a mere airline stewardess somewhat haughtily. But I guess it is just me. I think that women who go to the trouble to look like she does have a screw loose. Is that misogynistic?

It doesn't seem misogynistic to me.

I agree, "I think that women who go to the trouble to look like she does have a screw loose" and it doesn't sound misogynistic to me. 

Of course we'd all defend her right to look as she wishes: this is a democracy, after all. But her appearance is an insult to traditional Christianity, by which I mean the non-capitalist, communist Christianity that flourished prior to the 4th century C.E., when Constantine saw that type of faith as essentially anti-Roman and substituted, instead, a theocratic form of the religion. The Council of Nicea ended True Christianity. Victoria might as well be modeling a perfume, a piece of jewelry, a designer dress, or any of a number of commercial products, for this is what Christianity has become: Commerce. We tax commerce, why not the Osteens?

But it's truly touching to contemplate such HOLY people. Watch for them to be featured soon on Lifestyles of the Rich and Heinous.

She does look like she'd be a great asset in converting straight men to gayhood. (Only if Jesus wants it, of course.)

She's a real talker during sex. "Beige. Yeah, beige. I'll paint the ceiling beige."

She only gets into ceiling color when she's REALLY hot & bothered. Her eyes are saying "Whip it out," but she's thinking your checkbook.

You crack me up, Pat.

why are you calling this gorgeous woman a gecko?




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