Does Victoria Gekko Look Like Anyone Who Could Pass Through the Eye of a Needle?

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I must be missing something here, I don't see that anyone named her a gecko. 

Not trying to be rude, but sometimes the jokes just zoom right over Luara's head.

@Luara. Mr. James Martin was making a joke using several diverse elements in one photo. The picture is that of the wife of Joel Osteen; Mr. Osteen being a greasy, bouffant haired televangelist who rakes in millions of $$$ through the broadcast of his mega-church service and book royalties, spinoffs, etc. The reference to "Gekko" is from the movie Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas as a corrupt stockbroker named Gordon Gekko. The famous line from the movie is stated by Gekko who said, "Greed, for want of a better term, is good." The reference to the fictional book "A Prophet-Driven Life," is a take off of the title of a best selling Christian book by another over-bloated bigoted televangelist named Rick Warren. Warren's book is title A Purpose Driven Life. Of course Prophet v. Profit should go without explanation.  Finally, the reference to the "Eye of the Needle" is to to the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 10, Verse 25.

However, once you explain humor, it is no longer humorous.

In a morbid kind of way, Steve, you make me laugh. 

Not trying to be rude, but sometimes the jokes just zoom right over Luara's head.

uh Pat, I figured out that JM was having us on.  Your assumption is uncharitable.  I was making a joke back about "why call her a gecko". 

I didn't know about the Gekko character in the movie. 

I do think, however, that the gecko's smile looks rather like Victoria's smile :)

Maybe so, Pat, but you caught all of the funnin' and that pleases the writer. I would write for you anytime.

Uh, huh, right ... and Jebus wants me to win the lotto, too ... right after I buy the Brooklyn Bridge.

@Joan, there is a website by a mainstream protestant preacher who blogs instead of preaching and he really dumps on megachurch operations, likening their "pastors" to Gordon Gekko (or Gecko) in the movie, "Wall Street." Joel is the King of Gekkos." An up an comer is a guy here named Bil (yes, one "l" - isn't that just precious?!) Cornelius. So now he is Bil Gekko.

Jeez! I am so dense, if it were not for you and Loren and Pat and Daniel to explain things to me, they would go right past me. Thanks. The joke is on me 

Joan, you are the least  dense person I have met on here. You certainly don't need explanations from me. However, wisdom from you is always appreciated by me.

Oh! thanks! My education is very limited because I don't watch movies or TV. I can be classed as "uneducated". Except, I know better. 

Hey, good looking hottie. How do you know what Jesus wants? Are you talking to him? Have you seem him lately? I'm still upset because he never brought me a pony.

I'm glad Osteen is saddled up with her and not me.

New book "A Profit Driven Life." Oh, did I spell that correctly?

Joel Osteen actually sells Christian self-help books, it seems. 

I'm glad Osteen is saddled up with her and not me.

Maybe you could deconvert her :)



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