Being a part of a religious society I often find myself socially restricted just because of being an athiest. Unable to enjoy social activities as much as other arround me do. Dou you feel anything of this sort?

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lucky. Sometimes I feel like I could actually be lynched by some ignorant redneck mob.
I've been caught in a religiously fueled mob before and it wasn't a pretty thing. I think what really turned my stomach was seeing the hate on the faces of children who couldn't have been older than 12.
Dream place. Really during my furestration times I dream about a place you live in.
I can't even begin to tell you how bad it is out my way. But I am what I am and nothing is going to change that.

What a brutal price to pay for what I'm all about. Wish the "true" Christians out here would actually treat those who harbor an intellectual difference of opinion with them in the same way they would like to be treated. But that, sadly, is simply not the case. So what can you do or say?

Damn proud of my atheism. Damn proud I won't kowtow to the sorry lot.
I think it is important for us (here) to keep in mind that humans seek out those of “like mind”, and the advantage of the religious is the fellowship that results from this very human urge. I am of the opinion that “fellowship” and the resulting affirmation the believer receives is the singular strength of religious organizations.
When it comes to us atheists, we have to understand that humans generally don’t rally around disbelief, rather, they rally around those things they do believe in.
This may be the source of the resistance to the “new atheists”; as they seem to focus on those things (or that thing), and raise disbelief to the level of intensity which seems more appropriate for those things that are believed.
My suggestion would be for you to discover in yourself a passion, an advocacy, a cause in your life toward which you feel strongly enough to pursue action, a cause which lends itself to positive contribution rather than a reaction against...well, in this case religion. As profoundly ignorant as I am of your country, there may be groups that advocate for some sort of positive “reform” that can result in a socially acceptable outlet for “fellowship”.
Best to you.
I am luck enough to live with two atheist's, and have two other atheist buddies so it's not as bad as it could be. I do have problems at social functions, depending on the people who is attending. My main problem is meeting atheist ladies. le sigh ^_^ Atheist's are REALLY sparse in north louisiana, I assure you, but as long as I have the few friends I do have 'm good.
I think you should start an atheist group, maybe there is already one in your community.
Being in the company of people that share my beliefs would be nice.
Some people hate me for it, but that doesn't do anything to me.
social wahgh?
no one likes religion anymore since bush/saud turned faith into fraud and yada yada
stop killn' the women n' kids
then we'll talk
I have been to a few atheist gatherings but I'm not a big socializing person.I'm very proud to be an atheist.Dating has been hard.The last girl I dated was understanding but the girlfriend before her was Catholic.I told her I was an atheist.It turned out she thought it was just another religion.
We broken up shortly after that.A religious catholic and atheist doesn't work.
Pretty regularly. It means I have to, ahead of time, carve out large areas of conversation I can't stray into, depending on my company. Sometimes I wonder how much of an asshole that makes me... like those guys who will make sexist jokes, as long as there's no women around to hear them, and that makes it okay.

With a religious family and several 'old friends,' I find myself often having to be very cautious about my rationalism... which seems insane.




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