"Dog groomers.com" has One Nation Under God on its trucks

Just happened to be driving behind one of its vehicles and was really miffed when I saw their bumper sticker sign.   Don't dare give any business to all those secular atheist dog groomers, eh? What a bunch of jerks!

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My bumper sticker for that occasion would read "One Nation Under God - Woof Woof." It is more funny if you view it as Qiana-Maieev said - "under dog."

When we need household services I check the Yellow Pages -- yes, the paper ones; I'm old -- and won't call one with a fish outline in the ad.  I see it as a "wink-wink nudge-nudge we're in the same club" signal.  Since I'm not in the club I'm not really welcome, and I can't guarantee I won't be given the Out-of-Club rates -- or quality of work.  

They used to tell me that Christians would identify each other secretly to prevent being harmed or killed by drawing that fish emblem in the dirt with a stick. I find this strange but believer today think it is true.

It was called Ichthys and was a fertility symbol before Christians got it. Yes, that "fish" was actually a vagina. Look it up.

Ah Sigmund Freud would have said a beautiful example of "projection"

A quick view of the website didn't show any Goddiness. But it seems to be a coordinating service like Angies list doesn't seem like they have vehicles. Perhaps a particular dog groomer put that on their own truck.

Unless I missed something.

thanks for checking!




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