I wonder if there's a preferred orientation for toilets also. The two that I'm familiar with face north/south.


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No! I'm not channeling Faux News and saying this is more overreach by Obama and another reason to impeach him. I'm saying only that my wife and I once shared a house with two German shepherds and I had to see what this article is about. Thanx, Luara.

Yes, we did paper-train the first one and one Sunday morning he saw the newspaper on our bed. Despite that, I did occasionally see behavior that sold me on animal intelligence. I remember yet his glaring at me whenever I tickled my wife, and his physically demanding that his seniority entitled him to a few moments of training before I trained the larger but younger one.

A few years ago the Onion might have run this story. Livescience dot com appears intended to interest youngsters in science. I wish it well.

Research is nor regularly telling us that non-human animals know and can do what we human animals don't know and cannot do.

"God, doncha just hate being demoted? How many times has it happened? Speak up; you don't have to live up to your believers' claims."




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