There is a fringe movement in America that seems to be gathering steam known as Dominionism. What it basically is is an attempt by radical Christians to establish an Old Testament type Christian theocracy in America and eventually the world. It would be like an American Christian version of Iran. Has anyone else heard of this movement, and what are your thoughts on it ?

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I've heard of it, and I don't like it, not one microscopic bit.  I see its tracks in the Discovery Institute and their putsch to put creationism in schools.  I see it in the Personhood movement and the effort to criminalize abortion again.  I see it every damned time some group attempts to lead us backward in the name of religion.

And I'm not the only one.  Anthony, allow me to introduce you to one Rachel Tabachnick and her website, "Talk To Action."  I think you two should get better acquainted.

You all might find this article from Huffington Post from September 2011 interesting.

I am convinced that if another Republican wins the Presidential election some time in the future, especially a far right Republican (which seems to be the only type of Republicans in Washington today), that we will see the beginning of a move toward an American Christian theocracy, and that it will be oppressive and fascist, and aggressive toward all non-conformity. It frankly scares me.

I first heard of Dominionism (also sometimes called Christian Reconstructionism) around 2003-2004, and since then I have occasionally kept an eye on it. It's a scary ideology. Heres another link you all might find interesting.

Damned good article, though Throckmorton has a bad blind spot.  He can't see that, by being an evangelical, he is providing cover for those who DO want to see Mosaic Law superimposed on our government, even though he claims not to desire that.  Certainly dominionism is dangerous, but he remains unaware of the plank in his own eye.

I've never heard of dominionism and it sounds like another name for the christian right wing. The concept of biblical law is ridiculous. I'm not bothered by these idiots and I don't think Europeans would be, generally.

Napoleon, I keep up to date on attempts by believers to take over the USofA and I've heard of attempts by dominionists (also known as Christian Reconstructionists) to put down roots in other countries. They had a headquarters in Rio Vista, a town about a hundred miles east of Oakland California. Their main leader CL(?) Rushdoony died a few years ago but they had people in contact with George W. Bush while he was president. I've heard they want to replace the US Constitution with the Old Testament.

You can perhaps answer a question for me. I often offer the opinion that Europe's centuries of religious warfare led to Europeans giving religion little importance in their lives. Do you see this or something like it?

I tell people that because presidents here are limited to eight years, we probably won't have the religious wars that Europe did, where monarchs ruled for perhaps decades. Any thoughts?



The founder of Christian Reconstructionism  was Rousas John Rushdoony.

I'm a fiction writer and religious themes figure heavily in many of them. I've written a dystopia set in the future which shows what kind of society the rule of the religious right could lead to and Dominionism is certainly a part of that belief structure.

gang mentalities.. simple 1o1 jonestown cult w/corporate reality.. mormons own vatican now.. do the math.
they want what africa has. imho.

anyhew here's their zombie hoard leaders .. this is their fav way of terrorizing good people. in the states at least; usa.
(just today)

What some people may not realize about a belief held by Dominionism (Christian Reconstructionism), is that Jesus will come back post-tribulation, that is, at the conclusion of the great tribulation. Another related belief is that they must make the world a paradise fit for Jesus to come back to. This involves making an Old Testament Christian theocracy of America and eventually the world. This can only be accomplished by ridding the world of evil and nonconformity through domestic violence and murder (as in the days that Constantine made Christianity the state religion), and war abroad against the forces of real and perceived enemies. They may be relatively few, but they have their hands in the hollow backs of nearly every right wing conservative in government.


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