Don't assume Atheists all agree on Political and Scientific Topics!

Being an atheist only means we agree that the existence of a Deity is at best Improbable.

There are few other topics that we all agree on.
Time is too short for lengthy online discussions on any topic.

Too Often from both Atheists and Theists I get told what I think about topics.
Some atheists and theists assert that all atheists disbelieve in spirits and love science.

I constantly get "Oh you are an atheist, so you are into scientism." or "Oh atheists worship Charles Darwin instead of Jesus." Or " You being an atheist, want us to believe that humans are changing the earth's climate." 

Yet in my experience of being an atheist for a good 40 years, is that I cannot make any such assertions, as I dated an atheist psychic who believes she can contact the dead, as we go to a parallel spiritual world similar to here, where there is still politics and no god.

Some of my family of atheists reject global warming as a hoax.
I haven't been able to convince them otherwise with data from NASA and events occurring around the world that indicate a warming planet.

I'm the only member of my family that ever gained a real interest in science.
And most of my family don't really think of themselves as atheists, they are simply not into religion at all.
So they have no interest in joining such groups as Atheist Nexus.
They are all humanists, but have absolutely no interest in joining any humanist organization.
I'm into both atheist and humanist organisations. 

I'm into atheist groups because of my experience getting sucked into Christianity so far that I started as a Pentecostal preacher before finally being reintroduced to my childhood critical thinking ways and then applying that to reading the Bible.

Which taught me that religion is an insidious con job, that endangers the things I love, like science, logic and humanity.
So I'm not really just a garden variety atheist like most of my family, but an ardent Anti-Theist.

I'm the only member of my family that feels that way.
I'm part of a men's help group that is also predominantly atheist and out of the 40+ atheists in the group, there are only 3 of us who could be considered as Anti-Theist.

The rest are garden variety atheists who are like the rest of my family.
Simply oblivious to religion, will only attend churches for marriages and funerals, but won't go near a church in their normal routine.

I view their ignoring religion as enabling religions to get away with their insidious activities and agendas.
Which is one of my reasons I joined atheist groups, to not ignore religion's attempts to dominate our culture and create a theocracy but to actively attack them and educate / inoculate society about their intentions, and put up barriers against them. 

But I cannot even assume my fellow Anti-Theists are into science, which those I know in my club are not, but I know of a lot I follow who are into science.
We only have the abhorrence of religion in common.

So if I was wanting to discuss climate change, I'd be in a Climate Change Action group.
If I wanted to attack and change politics, I'd be in a Political Action group.

But I joined Atheist groups to gain tips on better ways to debate Theists and discover useful information that I can use in such debates.
Also to help and arm others who haven't had my experience and understanding of Theology and debating with the other side. 

I will leave discussions on Climate Change and Politics up to the relevant groups.
Because as far as I can see, I get enough discussion on such topics every day in other groups that these topics are more relevant to.

Thank You!   :-D~

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As far as my experience goes, those that openly declare themselves as atheists on the Internet or join atheist collectives are mostly anti-theists.

Like myself, they have a grudge against religion for some reason.
Often personal, such as family issues or have realized religion's insidious nature or have witnessed somebody being harmed by religion.
I've had the latter 2, since my family is essentially atheist, I don't have the problems like being divorced from a Christian family because of their lack of belief as some of my friends have.

I witnessed the Catholic church stealing land from a woman who was naive enough to have the church help her make her will. 
She left her belongings to the church, but changed her mind and wanted to sell it and move to England to be with her only surviving sibling, to which they had a psychologist declare her unfit to manage her own estate and so prevented her from going to be with her sister.
This appears to be a typical Catholic church land grab. 

That annoyed me as having been at the time a 22 year old Pentecostal preacher that it started me rethinking my own religious belief. 

As far as declaring themselves as atheists and joining an atheist organization.
Most garden variety atheists simply wouldn't bother. 

Good luck in your theist debates. As someone who ignores theist "logic" and considers debate with them futile, I'm of no help. I can appreciate caring about people who are committed theists, and wanting to help them better grasp reality. Theramin Trees Youtube channel might be useful.




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