You know you make one coherent sentence in the face of a theist an they play the "hurt feeling" card an call you Militant! Well or your "abrasive" or "angry" "hostile" or just plain "combative"! I get sick of it!! I'm out.. I'm vocal, and I refuse to be silenced about my atheism. And the biggest reason why?? BECAUSE I CAN!! There was a time when I would be murdered for saying what I truly believe. And I will never allow the religious to stuff my mind back in a fucking box!! Maybe I'm the voice of the millions thru out history who lived imprisoned, tortured an mistreated because of religion. We have no right to ever forget that fact. Funny they can spout there delusional dogmatic junk any place they feel an think it's unoffensive. Yet when there actually called out on it, they get offended an hurt! Please if your gonna sit at the grown up table of life then act like it!! Or grow thick skin as you open yourself up to comedic ridicule!!

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As you will find out, many people aren't worth your time arguing with.  I haven't had anybody act offended because I said I didn't share their opinion on god.  I have had one person quote Ken Ham once.  I didn't pay much attention to him after that.  Once you understand that you and a theist accept a different premise, you will understand that there is no logical discourse that can occur between the two of you.  Ridicule and logical fallacies are only good for influencing the uneducated or weak minded.  That is OK when playing a number's game.  But those individuals still don't count for much.

None of them are worth my time, realized that long ago. But it is not acceptable to tell me as an Atheist I have no morals, I lack the ability to love unless I follow the teachings of god! To me it is offensive an I have every right to exspress my reasons why I'm not delusional to them. Now if they get offend, then so be it. I defend there right to practice whatever dogma they want so long as they keep it out of a free society. Bigger question is why can't they do the same for a non-believer?

"But it is not acceptable to tell me as an Atheist I have no morals, I lack the ability to love unless I follow the teachings of god!"

The best response to this accusation is "That may be the case for you."  And then, you end the conversation there.  I would also end any contact with such an individual since they clearly lack moral integrity .

As you might also find, you can still be shunned, harassed, and yes murdered even in supposedly modern USA.

There are ways to be open about being an atheist without drawing such fire. I would note in the Eighties, when I lived in Virginia Beach and ran a pagan and free-thinking bulletin board, my home was picketed and my wife and baby son's lives threatened.

Times haven't changed much.

I'm sorry that happened to you, its very unfortunate. And as the point I'm trying to make, do you do the same to the religious? Are atheist threaning the religious with violence, or threatening there children? So who is the "militant" ones here?

I think that is exactly right. There are armies on earth, right now, killing in the name of Christianity.  Not 500 years ago. Not 50 years ago. Today. To quote Jesus,  they need to remove the plank from their own eye before they can see clearly to help us get the speck of sawdust out of ours.

Your so right.. I just read how they cut a women's head off in Saudi Arabia after the religious police found what they perceived as items of witch craft!! 2013 an there back still 2,000 years. Yes this is real, it's still happening, an they have the audacity to tell me that they are the gauge to all things moral. The religious want atheists to be silent, humble an meek in there atheism. Even in non-belief they want to have control of you!!

I do not. I have better things to do with my time than picket people's homes, and issuing death threats is so passé.


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