It is not uncommon for some postmaster to decide to fly a Christian flag at a post office in the U.S.  The story always ends up the same some atheist for all religions to be equally represented, an atheist flag to be flown or for it to be simply removed. The Christians come out in droves screaming FREEDOM OF RELIGION!  They of course are completely oblivious of the fact that that is the exact reason it must be removed.   I seriously doubt they are concerned about freedom of religion at all. Rather, it appears freedom of religion to them means you can be any religion you wish as long as it's Christian. 

  Here I will pay out my case. Let's say that some postmaster decided to put up an Islam flag at an American post office. Would these same people insist that it remain while screaming FREEDOM OF RELIGION!!!?? I really doubt it. Instead they would likely demand it be removed all the while screaming FREEDOM OF RELIGION!!!!!    What if a postmaster put up some kind of agnostic flag? What would they scream then? It would be interesting to call them out on their bigotry the next time a flag or monument is ordered to be removed.

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