Three days ago I found out through the Internet that my ex-husband passed....he was also my best friend and the person who looked after me constantly. We were in contact by mail / phone every week during many years

My friends are trying to help but they don't understand that each time they tell me "It was God's will" they add to my  pain...some friends also started to pray in front of me; I am in so much pain I couldn't tell them their prayers are like knives in my heart. Another friend brought in an "evangelizer". I felt these people didn't come to hold my hand because they care for me but because they saw a chance to  gain a new member.

All of them know I am an Atheist.

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Have any of you checked "Grief Beyond Belief"?

When my father died, one of the things I did was go back to read some e-mails he'd sent to me. My mother kept his voice messages. Scraps of memories, but they helped more than any sentiments given from well-meaning believers. Death is a terrible reality, holding a finality. I can't share things in my life with my dad. That stopped the moment he did. The comfort, when it comes, comes from the memories and lessons he taught me. Memories don't replace our lost loved ones, but they are something to cherish. Thankfully, in this age we live in, we have e-mails, blogs, vlogs, and the like, which help us keep hold of those good moments. It's my hope that you can find some solace in revisiting the digital mark your ex-husband made, when time comes. Take it a day at a time.

I only have one e/mail...his last...because we both agreed to delete all electronic communications. He was very private person....but the memories of him being always a great human being will never be erased.

Thank you; Lew was my bst friend even before being married...and continued to be the best in my life even after we divorced. He always looked afte me and my well being

I just found out by reading old e/mails that he made a will and that I am in said will. Too bad I can't go to Wisconsinand see too it becuse I am all alone.

Sorry to hear of your loss.

I am glad you are on the site and have others of like mind to talk with. We are here for you.




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